Monday, April 27, 2015


Hey family!! 

I'm chilling here in the Cyber, next to my homie Elder Lopez!! I love it here in Xalapa! It's a big change from Plaza Verde. It's cool and hip and big and a little high class! It's just the work is a little bit harder.

I keep thinking of the poetic words of Dad before I left for my mish! He said hey son don't fret about the language one day you'll just wake up speaking and thinking en Espanol! Well I feel like that promise came true! One day we were just walking and talking and I realized that I was just talking and thinking in Spanish. I felt a little shocked that I was thinking in spanish and talking it! I laughed!

The new house is really small. I'm sorry I haven't taken any pictures my address is Z mercado and the colonial is sebastian or something I really don't know but I'll figure it out! It is a really small place. It's just two rooms - the first room is the study and kitchen and the second is the sleeping area and there's a sheet separating us from the shower and the toilet! But I like it.

Yeah Mom, I have a phone but It's a brick or here they say es un cacahuete! No mom, we don't have ipads. If we had an Ipad we'd get jumped right on the spot!

I'm eating good! I'm still trying to save me money. I'm a little bit behind on the money sitch because of my wallet being stolen. So one time we were walking just leaving a charla and right after we had to go to the noche barrio which is like a 40 min walk. We were late and I didn't have any money to pay the taxi so I was thinking what we could do! I had my head down thinking and walking. And all of a sudden I saw 20 pesos rolled up laying on the ground looking like a cigaret butt!! It was just the right amount to pay for the taxi! (manna from Heaven right)

Well this week was chill. I'm a little sad because Elder lopez and I have been finding great people, but not great enough to accept the church! We have a family that we are teaching and the dad is reading the Book of Mormon! It's just that every Sunday he gives us excuses why he can't go to church! I don't know what we are doing wrong. We are going to work with them (Jaun y Nancy) for a little while longer!

The ward here is awesome!! I love working here! I had an interview with the President last week! I love the interviews with President Greer, he is a great guy! He made me District Leader. 

I love it here in Mexico, I can't imagine being anywhere else. Really, I don't have the words to describe it! The people are so loving. During my interview with the Pres I'll admit I cried realizing that 10 months of my mission has gone by. I don't know if I'm doing everything that I can. I am working hard.

I love you all! 

Laur-  sup? SBO baby! Josh is a good guy! 

Wade- You are going to be a baseball star man. When I get back you could be playing your sophomore year!

Rivey! You should call that TV show about little miss!

Kal- Don't go shooting your eye out!

Quin-- Don't worry hair chest doesn't run in the family I casi don't have any.

Canners- happy birthday sunn! Remember 2 birthdays and then I'll be home!

Ro! gettin a little chubby

Dad and mom! thanks for everything Love you guys tons!

Well Here I go another week another dollar or 15 pesos!

Elder Roberts ( your Mexican bro)

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey Family!! 

I'll just start at the first of this week. Well Elder Duran is one of my fav comps. He's just so chill with everything. We have really been starting things on fire in our area! Well Monday and Tuesday were pretty much the same, We have been finding a lot of people and teaching them. I'll just skip to the main part!!!


Well I had it all planned out on Tuesday night. I was going to tie my comp in his bed and put water filled cups around his bed. Well it turns out that my comp is a really light sleeper so it didn't work out that well. My master plan was foiled. I decided to fill the kitchen area full of cups and tie the main doors shut and tie up his desk and everything. I remember in the night feeling like mom, talking to myself. I finally got everything finished and when I was in my bed I whispered, "I'm so weird." (just like you mom)

Wednesday I really didn't get the look and laugh from my comp that I was hoping for. He kinda walked passed everything and picked up a few cups to get to the Frosted Flakes. It was the thought that counts.

Wednesday was a memorable day. We went with Marisol... Talked to her about her problems. We had plans on Friday to marry Juan and Alejandra. We ate breakfast at the Rosarios. I had fIsh, it's like my 2nd time to eat fish. Well in the night we went to talk to Juan and Prax! Well we got there and Prax looked a little sad. We found out that with all the pressures of the work and all their debts, Juan came to the house drunk. It really broke my heart. So we talked to Prax and I bore my testimony and felt the spirit. 

Well we were headed out and where they live they don't have service. So when I got into range I got a message saying this: "Special changes you're going to leave in the morning" It hit me hard! It felt like it wasn't reality. I started to cry. Ahh it was an awful feeling. I had this thought in my mind that it was April Fools. I finally got ahold of the leaders de zona. They confirmed my nightmare. I didn't have time to really say goodbye to anyone. I left in the morning early. In the night I said goodbye to Alejandra and in the morning I said bye to Prax. I didn't have a chance to see Juan. 

(saying hello to the new kid)

(saying goodbye to the homies)

I still cant believe that Im here In Xalapa. Wed night I stayed up packing. When I went to bed I literally cried myself to sleep. I really put my whole heart in this area. I could of done sooo much more! I'm going to miss it all so much...the members, the mud, the weather, the people.

I'm sorry to say this, and i'm not being dramatic....but it was almost as hard leaving my home in utah. The Lord is a good prankster. My heart is in Plaza Verde.

Well I came to Xalapa. I'm going to finish a training! Elder Lopez. The area is huge. My comp just has like 2 weeks in the mish and doesn't know the area so it's basically a white wash. The members are pretty cool. Xalapa is really different than Martinez!! I feel like someone from the amazing race but to salvation! Well look on the bright side...

(Just read the dang thing!)

Friday E. Lopez and I were lost looking for a house. So we decided to find cover under the shade until we could find where we were. And all of a sudden, a guy comes up and says "hermanos really quick I've been reading the book of mormon and I want to get baptized!" I guess the Lord is rewarded us. Well Juan Garcia is a homie his family and el will get baptized for sure at the end of this month! Oh and they are married so it's a win win.

Well this week has been crazy! I've been thinking about you guys. But It's great when there's a lot of work.

I love you guys soo much!!!! I'm doing great! Pray for me please!!

Brett Roberts (I think there's an Elder in there)