Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey family! 

I was studying one day and the song to "I'll get by" came in to my head. I was singing it all day! I've basically seen it all this week, it was pretty awesome! Well on Wednesday and Friday we had the chance to listen to Elder Pino (he was the guy who talked in spanish at the General conference! ) He really put us in our seat!  

On Friday we also had Elder Christiansen and Elder Piper come to speak to us! They are from the Presidency of the seventies! It was pretty cool to have three of the 70´s come and speak to us! I feel blessed that I have time still left in my mission! I loved that it was in straight spanish. They talked to us about how we can be better missionaries and how God loves us! It really helped me out and gave me more excitement for the work! Also Mom could you send me a copy of my mission call where it says my name and where i'm serving, that part?

Well we also had opportunities to work! It's really stressful to be a DL! Right now my district is a little bit down and we've hit a little bit of a rut. I'm going to work on it!

Well one of our converts texted us saying that the Mormon church is not for him. It was pretty heart breaking. Right now he's living with his mom and she's putting things in his head that are not true and so we are going to work with this kid named Michael.

On Friday we had a fun time with a drunk guy ha ha. El se llama Mario! He's a crazy dood! He was a reference from a member so we went to contact him. Well went in and when we touched the door, a skinny old lady answered the door. The grandma looked at us and brightened up said "oh come come in come in! So elder Lopez and I were pretty excited thinking that they were Golden! But I now realize she was just using us to get at her drunk son. Well we came in and sat on the sofa. She started to talk to us and say oh I'm so embarrassed of my son and all this stuff. So the son Mario came around the corner pointing his finger at his mom saying "mom they didn't come to just talk about me! They came to talk about God! hah!" He left the room to go make coffee and the mom whispered under her breath, "my daughter is better!" Mario came back in really mad yelling "what did you say?!" (I guess he has the hearing of a bat) It was funny to sit and see their relationship. Well they didn't progress I just feel bad for the lady that lives with her alcoholic son. (wade, kal, canny, ro don't drink!)

I love you guys - this week has been awesome! I know this coming week I'll have more stories to tell!

Love your guts

E. Rob

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey lovely family!! How is everything¿? 

Mom, I can't send pictures because of the viruses here at this cyber, sorry.

This week was an awesome week!! I felt a little overwhelmed with the LD. Ya know working out their problems and getting them excited and pumped up for the week. Every Tuesday I give a district class. 

The last week a did a little activity hoping to help out my district. I went to like a home depo (which entering I felt like I was home) I decided to get some flower seeds have have my district "see the fruits of their labors!" It actually turned out really well! But this week went a little rough for a couple compa├▒erismos. I realized that a lot of them are working without the spirit with finding people to teach. I love my district though. I also had a fun time doing splits with my Homie Elder Trejo. I went to their area to help them out. They have an investigator who looks like he should be right on the cover of a Hollister magazine but no he really enjoys his dogs and comics. We also went to a house the was more like a cobweb than a house. During the lesson I saw 3 spiders bigger than the palm of my hand! 

So that was pretty much the first of my week. The Next couple of days were off and on! Well the new Investigator that we found Ulysses and his family are going to Mexico City for 15 days for his work. So I was a little bummed but we were able to talk Ulysses into going to church with us. He really liked it. I feel like he's going to get baptized and become the next bishop, he's that cool!!

I'm doing great!! I'm loving my mission! I just feel like I can do so much better! Yesterday we went to the ghetto part of Xalapa and we have an Investigator whose name is Cesar. He's a great guy and wants to get baptized but it's just that he doesn't want to get married! But when we went over yesterday, he seemed so happier than usual, like he wanted to start the lesson so he could tell us about a secret. So we taught him and his wife. And at the end of the lesson, he told us that he went to the Register and he and his wife got married without telling us! How great is that!!!! I love seeing the Lord's hand in the work!

The weather here is getting hotter and hotter! I laugh because every visit is the same. Everyone always says "Isn't it a Bochorno (really hot) out there?!" Everyone here can go on and on about the climate!

Well today we went to City Center Jalapa and chilled for a little! We were crossing the street and it was like New York City! everyone shoulder to shoulder! Crossing all at once! I saw a little ol lady with two sticks helping her walk! I thought rapidly to help her! She told me that God never fails to send her Angels. That really lightened up my day! I felt like the little dude off of UP! haha
This weeks going to be crazy! We are going to listen to 3 General Authorities! Wednesday Elder Pino and Friday Elder Christianson and Elder Piperj! Three 70's  - I feel special.

Well family, I'm doing really great!! This week my comp likes to sleep while i'm doing other stuff in the morning so I decided to grab to pans and hit them together to wake him up! It worked well and he freaked out yelling outloud, "I got a knife, I got A knife!!" It was really funny, I died laughing!!

Mom love you, one thing that would be awesome if you could send me patriarchal blessing again! and my debit card! umm also fruit snacks!! and gospel art book that I can use to teach lessons!! Thanks

I love you guys soo much!! Be someone's Angel this week! Hey and finish to the end with the school. Don't be a Zac Efron!

Yours spiritually Inclined - Elder Roberts

Monday, May 11, 2015


Hey Mama!

Ahh it was sooo great seeing you guys yesterday!! I loved every little second! 

(my favorite taco stand)

Well this week as district Leader I have to go do splits with the other Elders that aren't working very well! Well I went with E. Quintana a huge guy that has 26 years! He was in the army before the mish! But we had a great time spending together. He's a little slow going, but I love the guy! We went to contact someone (Carlos) and we had a great lesson. We ended with a prayer and we always have the Investigator finish. So after when we were leaving and we got around the corner, Elder Quintana started to cry - He totally broke down and cried! It was a cool moment... He said he never felt the spirit that strong in a lesson! A big great guy like the size of uncle Wes crying in the middle of the street!

(the big friendly giant)

It was great to see every single one of you!! I was walking one day! And this kid from across the street! I yelled buenas tardes and the kid pointed at himself looking as if there was anyone else around and realized I was waving at him! It put a big smile on his face and it looked like he walked a little more happier. I'll testify of the power at just waving and being sincere and friendly with someone, it makes their whole day!

This week was awesome to see you guys I got to baptize and see mi madre so it was an amazing day Yesterday!!

Laurie!! Hey do cool date! Give boys Ideas also have a little notebook that you can just write down all your crazy Ideas down what ever you think of put it down In that little book!

Wadey!! Do you remember that X box game that we had Top spin!! Ya your living it right now! I'm sooo Impressed that you are so talented!! Don't forget that God gave you theses talents for a reason!

Rivey! Dancing Queen! Little words of advice: do grow up to fast!! You'll look back and ask were the time went!! Watch the movie going 30 or something like that!

Kallers! You are such a good kid!! I love you you should find things that you love like learn how to play the piano! Or  throw the ball in the air and hit it with bat! Use your time to be active

Quinny!! Don't lose your humor It keeps me going here in the mish!! I love you sooo much! more than Frozen 
t- shirts that I see here in one day!

Can Can! I love you dude!! Find your inner peace and you will be come a better Ninja!! Question? If a pickle was to shave who would take out the garbage? I want an answer by next monday!

Ro-- Lose some weight use some of those vIdeos of that exercise guy! (billy blanks Tae-bo)

Mom I love you sooo much! There isn't a day that doesn't go by when I don't think about you!

Dad-- You're such a great example for me! I love you.

 (crossing the river of death)