Monday, August 31, 2015


Hey Homies!!

Well this week Just flew by, i'm not even joking!

With my Zone we committed a goal of 20 baptisms for this month. So we were working our heads off trying to complete the goal. Long story short, we didn't make it.
But we were the smallest Zone in the whole mission and we got 2nd! so Wahoo! 

Tuesday was P day we didn't do much.

Wednesday was my district class (ha ha I don't have to teach the classes now!) Umm its was pretty good I was able to bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon! and I testified that every time I pray and ask Heavenly Father, my answer comes stronger!! But since it was just classes, basically the day went to waste! Just a bunch of meetings.

Thursday: I did divisions with Kawastin, the missionaries up there. It was fun and Elder Reyes is a homie, a big black mexican guy! You would think he's cute Laur. It rained a bunch. I always like to get soaking wet, it makes me feel like i'm working hard. 

Friday: The miracles started to roll in! We are teaching a family, they rejected us because they only want financial help money from the church. But the daughter is awesome and right now she's reading in 1st Nephi 15 and she's loving the church. She basically bore her testimony telling her family why she wants to get baptized! GOLD!! Shakaboom! 

Our 2 baptisms for this week were dropped. Alejandro...the husband of a family that just got baptized TodavĂ­a doesn't want to get baptized because doesn't feel prepared. And Perla, her husband didn't come home from work when they were supposed to get married because right now he's living in Tabasco and he works in the trucks and sometimes he just doesn't come home. It's sad.  

Saturday: Well Claudia gave us a bunch of referrals of friends of her to contact. We did and the family rejected us. So we contacted her neighbor and it turns out that they are members and her daughter hadn't been baptized! (Thank you Heaven)

Sunday: Was pretty crazy, in the morning Elder Gutierrez and I we always do divisions with the youth in the ward to help us pass for the investigators! I went with a joven named Alberto (George) He's my homie. Well we brought 3 Young ladies to church. And I felt so awkward because they were giggling and giving me eyes the whole time! Ahh it was bad! I've heard that this black badge gives me extra good looks. I needed them.

In the afternoon we got the changes. Well I'm still staying Poza Rica but we are grouping up the zone. So instead of having 10 missionaries in the zone now they will be 22! This should be fun! I'll keep seeing Elder G, but just not everyday!

Well I love you all! I hope school is going great. Do something out of the ordinary this week like Ferris Bueller would do. And then next week tell me about it!

Stay Spiritual

Bretty Boy

Monday, August 24, 2015


Hey Mommers!! (and family)

Wow these last couple of days have been pretty crazy! I feel like its been so long since I been able to sit down and write you guys! 

Yesterday I didn't get the chance to write you because we left for the bus at 2:30 in the morning (even here in the night at 2 in the morning I was still sweating while we walked) Poza to Xalapa is a 5 hour bus ride. We usually take ADO (busses that you take to go to Lagoon) but it would be pretty pricey, so the Mission rented 3 busses for Tuxpan, Poza, Papantla, Martinez and Tezitulan. It was pretty fun to have all the missionaries from Poza all on 1 bus! I tried to sleep but I basically got 1 hour! 

We arrived at the stake center in Xalapa... I saw all my buddies, all my old comps from the mission. 164 missionaries all together! We got there and they served us breakfast fruits and juice and granola bars. We practiced for choir and then we got all set up to take a picture. At the church there is a little hill side where we all formed lines. And waited... and waited a little more... We were all doing the wave and singing hymns while we were all in the line and then President Greer had us all get quiet. He bore his testimony to us about how he loves us and got all choked up! Everyone started to clap and say love you back then thats when the caravans came up to the entrance and the whole crowd fell completely silent. Out stepped the camera lady and a few escorts the setenta and his wife and then Elder Christofferson, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Ahhh it was really so amazing! He had a glow. He and his wife spoke perfect spanish. The whole conference was in great! I can really bare testimony to you guys that Jesus Christ is guiding his church through President Monson and His Apostles and Missionary work is the priority of the church right now. So it feels like I'm on the front lines, here in Mexico, just call me Private Elder Ryan (Roberts)

(Brett fifth row down, left side)

Quick story, every Thursday we have noche de hogars in the church. So I planned a relay race which was pretty cool. I got a bunch of shoe boxes and cut the old pants of an elder that he left and taped them to the box and cut a hole in the top of the box and I used this game as the Minute to win it game. I put 3 rocks in the box so the tie it around their waste and they have to shake the rocks out. It was a hit everyone loved it!

I'm doing great. I love my area. I need to work a little bit harder because ya we've baptized basically all our contacts, so we have to go out and work a little harder to find the chosen.

I love you all so much

Don't be too cool for School!

Stay Spiritual-


Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey mom, I'm writing early because I'm heading to Xalapa this morning to renew my Visa.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Only In Mexico....

This week has flown by! I love my new area, we have so much work! Sometimes at night I come crashing to bed, half asleep I'm taking off my tie and shoes. Then in the morning I get up and start it all again. 

I love my Life (in the voice of Nacho Libre)

Well I had a really cool letter planned out with pictures and everything but this computer is not letting me send pics. 

This week on Monday and Tuesday we went to Xalapa! It was pretty cool, I was able to see a bunch of my pals around the mish and Hna Greer made us waffles which was so awesome! Consejo we did some fun activities to help us become better leaders. After, we finished early so I was able to see some people in Xalapa which was a highlight for my time here. We are also going to have the chance to hear from an Apostle! Elder Christopherson is coming to talk to us Agosto 24. Boo yeah I'm so ready to get spiritually filled!!!

Wednesday we had Zone Class. Everyone was pumped because we are baptizing and working hard! We bought Ice cream and did some activities. 

Thursday... we've been working hard with this one family, they are called Perla and her husband is a truck driver. We need to get them married. She loves the church and also her husband went to church on Sunday. He reminds me of the guy that Rocky boxes in the last movie. He looks like him. Perla told us that she had a dream about us and how she would get married and how she dreams about getting baptized! She is a true convert, only in Mexico.

Friday: We found a whole family to teach so that's pretty big and cooool. The dad broke his wrist and so they had to put pins in his arm. Yeah hopefully we can baptize them soon! They are perfect.

I had an interview with a lady for her baptism and during the interview she told me that Joseph Smith is the dad of Jesus. Oh hermana you are almost right. Haha

We also got stopped by a drunk guy it's been the like 3rd time this week. And every time he asks us about the blue book. (Book of Mormon) Well we gave it to him and he was like a kid on Christmas. Doing hip thrusts and kissing the book and lifting it up in the air for everyone to see. 

Only En Mexico

I love you guys! I'm doing great! I pray for you guys every night mostly because I know that the nightmare that all of you have that is right around the corner! School! 

Congrats on the pups Quincy! The member that we live with, her dog also just barely had pups

I miss the traditional shopping with the crew! How spoiled are you guys staying at a fresh Hotel.

With love Bretteres

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey Un Chiste:

Q:¿Que es peor que ver un gusano en su Manzana?

It sounds like the family had a fun time In "Summer Nights Week"

Mom and dad You guys saved me this week! Thanks for sending me the money! 

Okay pues this week was a pretty awesome week! It's an awesome feeling to put Goals and then accomplish them! It's an awful feeling getting sick and not have a mom to love you and give you a hug.

Saying goodbye to elder Perez (our marriage cake)

Sunday dinner tacos!

Eating with the bishops family in his trailer.

Teasing my favorite kid Juan. 

Umm on Tuesday we had a District class! This is where my comp is in one class and I'm in the other. After the separate classes we got everyone together and got them excited for this coming Month of August! We told them our goal for the zone is 22! We also but a goal for a bautizona!! Which is where the whole zone baptizes on a Sunday which is really cool! Which normal minds that aren't missionary minds would think that's a really easy thing to do, but actually it's not. Well things were starting to look good for me and my comp. We felt really cool and felt like God loves us and he said that's fine, you guys can have a bautizona because we had lots of people to contact! But on tuesday this hermana gave us Pizza which I was soo happy to eat got me really, really sick! 

But i'm good now! 

Right now we had a chance to baptize a girl named Sol. Her family is awesome and she was the only one that wasn't baptized! We talked to her and taught her and she was golden and we got her excited and to the water she went! 
Baptism of Solita, 

Totolapa is pretty cool, I'm not in the same house! Or even in the same area! Our area is super poor which I love. It beats the busy streets of Xalapa! 

I'm sorry that the letter is not that great! I've been writing letters but I don't know if they are getting to you guys! Let me know when you get them! I love every single one of you guys!

With Love Brett!

A: ¡ A ver un Medio gusano en su Manzana!