Monday, October 26, 2015


Steak and ice cream cooked by a sweet hermana. Walking and a bird pooped on me.

Welcome to the Jungle Reports.

Well this week was good and bad. Good was the interviews with president. Bad was that we aren't finding people that are progressing. 

I love my comp he's awesome. Elder Rojas he's a cool dude from Chihuahua. He's super obedient and wants to work. So thats what i'm talking aboouuuut!!!! 

This week we found a lady Cecillia cool lady. We got her reference from an old investigator. So we went to go contact her. When she opened the door we asked her if this person lives here. She said thats me. Well it was awesome she was super willing to let us because just barely left her daughter to school and she was super depressed. Well God works in Mysterious ways. So we left her house feeling really pumped. But it turns out she made her own decision not wanting anything. Ahhhhhh!

We also found a guy named Pablo Pedro. Kinda crazy guy. He want to get baptized in a river. and thinks with his faith if he gets baptized in the rivers that are polluted disgusting that nothing will happen to him. He told my comp that he was a man with little faith haha which was really funny and when I gave a scripture to Pablo to read he read it like how I did in the house of Grandma. But with a Jewddist Priest voice. I couldn't hide the laugh.

Well Miguel is a good guy he just doesn't understand why their needs to be one church. Which means he fully hasn't felt like the church is true. He's still reading the BoM which is awesome. But he also drinks. He want able to go to church because he was super hung over.

Arturo is really the only progressing investigator that we have. But he likes to drink wine. He wasn't able to go on Sunday. But we had steak conference so we decided to bring him to the priesthood session. Which was really boring and over the head of Arturo. Hopefully he doesn't start getting cold.

This week is a new start we have some pretty good plans for this coming week pray for me that I can find the people that are waiting for the gospel to change there lives forever.

I love you all 

Bretty Boy

Hey Mom

I love you from the moon and back!!

You really are the reason why i've stayed on the mission for so long! 

(compu froze)

I love you mom. I still dream of when Ill be able to hug you

Bretty boy

Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey Family!!

Hope everything is chillin like a villain! Thats awesome that you guys had Fall break! I always remember when I finished fall break basically everything starts coming all at once Mom's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I always like to hear that everyone is doing their own little thing. Riv that movie sounds sweet, write it down and we will go see it together and I'll take you out on your "1st date"? haha and Laur thats sooo funny about Bronson I feel like he doesn't do very good in front of crowds. Remember the nail in the cup that went through his hand?? Wow Waders going into the big leagues with deers. I better be seeing a dead deer with you standing by it on my email next week!! Remember when we went hunting and you threw up all night because of bad Whoppers!

Well this week were able to do changes. Me personally i'm not a fan of changes. Its just a bunch of stress. Waking up supa early making sure everyone gets on time. Ya Ya It was a bitter sweet saying bye to E. Pedrero he was a good comp we didn't have anything in common just work. But I'm pumped to be with My good friend Elder Rojas!!

In this time of the month.. I love it because it starts to calm down the heat to about 80 degrees and its awesome. For the past week its been raining which I also love but the bad thing is during the rain its hard to get the people out of their holes. And I always think oh just wait until you go to utah! haah I think the coldest time Ive ever been in my life was when we went on the deer camp up in the bowl with dad. I never forget that haha! Also this time here in Mexico everyone celebrates Dia de los Muertos. Which means Pan!!!!!! and our bishop is a pan maker so I'm stoked because that means that we are going to eat pan de muertos! 

In Mexico they have a tradition putting a table in their living room and put portraits of the people that have died in their family and then on the mesa they put things on the table like coca, tortillas, beans, fav shirt. because they think that God lets the dead from heaven come down and live hear on earth. Its a little weird and everyone says that they're Catholics, but I like this time.

Also this week I had a chance to go and do divisions with a newbie. Elder Austin fresh out of the MTC. Ahh I had soo much of Deja vu. It was awesome to look back and see how far i've came. I really should be thanking God a lot more for loving me enough to help progress and become who I am! This time last year I was crying tears of joy and worry about my new brother who was about to be born. I was in the middle of Mexico with a little bit of spanish that I new. With my thoughts 7 hours aways thinking about you guys. Well Happy birthday Little Ro Ro! You are so amazing and cant wait to get a hold of your little baby rolls!! Hopefully by the time I get home you be able to crawl!! haha I love you guys.

The work is pretty cool here in Benito! One of my fav Scriptures is in Jaun 16:33 and thats what I love of being a missionary. Helping bring happiness with things that with last forever not just for a little while.

Love you all 

stay sweet! Remember who you are!

Personal challenges:

This is your challenge if you choose to accept it.

Quiny: You need to sneak drunker in to your school.

Wade: you have to scare some random person in the shop. (have someone film it)

River:  try to speak spanish with a Mexican 

Laur: Go to school dressed up as Dora de Explora

Kallers: make 3 person's day brighter!

Canny: blow kisses to every grandma you see

Mom: share your fav Scip on twitter

Dad: shoot a dear!

Love ya all!! Send me some challenges!


Monday, October 12, 2015


Well ya my birthday is done, I'm a twenty year old!

I love you guys soo much! I feel like at home you guys celebrated more then I did here!! For the birthday we didnt do much, it was a Sunday and that's when it's pretty busy for us! A member invited us in the night to eat hamburgers with them because she said that she wanted to do something that would remind me of home!

ahhhhhh I'm writing on this really old computer in this old broken down cafe and it deleted everything ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and my comp has changes so he wants to go and say good bye to everyone. 

But this week we've been able to do a bunch of service which was pretty cool. Service with a smile! We were able to cut down a jungle in the back of a neighbors yard!

Then a few hours later, it was pretty cool and we found a golden family. We helped them shovel in a gravel pile. The mom said that she didn't want to get in trouble with the police because they had gravel on the road. So she told us that at that moment she was praying that a drunk guy would come by and she could pay him to help her out. Well God sent us! (2 drunk guys ha ha) She was so grateful and humble.

I testify that service really opens heart of the people!

I love you guys soo much!

I'll write more next time!

Love Elder Roberts

Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey guys! 

Hopefully everything is doing well... Hopefully y'all were able to see conference and see the 3 new apostles.. Hopefully you guys partied your hearts out with the birthday of Laur.... Hopefully it hasn't gotten cold there is Good ole Utah.

This week has been pretty hectic and stress full. (the reason why my hair line is so far back) On sunday some punks (my first comp Elder Hernandez) got in a fight with a guy and he threatened to hunt the missionaries down and kill them. So they got scared and called Pres. So basically Monday, tuesday and wednesday we were getting missionaries out of their house and cleaning it all up. Also on tuesday president wanted all the trainers and their comps (newbies) heading to Xalapa early tuesday morning. They left at 4:30 in Ado (a fresh bus) So all of Tuesday we weren't able to sleep because... The punk elders pres was also sending them out of their area. So basically all of Tuesday we were running on 3 hours of sleep. The mission life is amazing because God blesses us if we are obedient even when we wake up the next day energized for a new day. Its the best.

A little about the work here in Benito. Well this area has been one of my hardest area. Im not sure if its just because I haven't had a lot of time to focus in the area. But God has blessed us we have been able to see a lot of milagros. Well we have found our Homie Arturo he's life 26 and he finished his doctor degree he really loves the church. On monday we had a lesson with him about the word of wisdom He was a little bugged because he really likes his wine and beer. But he loves the church so he's willing to take little steps. Next we have Miguel he's a homie he's like 32 years old and he works in the mariachi (one of my goals to baptize) He's reading he just still doesn't feel sure about baptism

We have the pastor. One day my comp and I were talking in english because my comp knows english real well. and this guy stopped us and started talking in english perfectly. He reminds me of a guy from the 70s with his glasses and his looking like house. He is really interested in the church. I have a feeling he's going to teach his congregation from the book of mormon. So please please pray for the guys that they can get baptized.

We also have this family from iris that are really cool but the mom doesn't want to get married. Stupid husband. its alright i'm over it.

I love you guys soo much. thanks for the package. I love you guys more then the Lamanites hate the Mormons. My birthday wish is just write me a letter. Nothing big just a letter.

I love you all. Stay sweet

Bretty boy

Mexico at 5 in the morning.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Hey mom Hopefully everything is going great this week I went on a lot of splits with a different missionaries. We been working really hard this week that we could get an old lady baptized called Andrea. She the mom of a recent convert. We have been finding a bunch of people Miguel Josel Osmar. I'm sorry mom We have to go help some elders move right now I love you.

No such thing as a crib, only a hammock.

Coming to you from Brazil, call me the Avatar.

Mustaches for the festival.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey Hows the family damily?

It rocks to be a missionary!! This week has gone by really fast. My new area is a little hard. We had a couple of investigators progressing but all of a sudden everything went crashing down. For example We are teaching Andrea she's the mom of a convert she loves the church well the 3 days before we were filling out her Registro to get baptized. But comes to know she's not married for The state. She lied to us. She was married and then got divorced with the guy and then they got back together. He's a gold digger. And they don't want to get married. So right now she's not progressing. And everyone else that was in teaching well they don't want to read or go to church. We do have a hope he's Arturo he the dude that we found that brought his uncle to learn with us. He really likes the church its just hard to find him right now.

On Tuesday was the "grita"  the independence of Mexico. It was kinda crazy saying oh ya last year I was in Petromex. So we had a bbq with a family and then at 6 we had to be in our houses. Well we got a call that the assistants were going to sleep with us. Because the next day (Wednesday) was going to be Zone conference I was pretty pumped because Elder Nordhoff is my buddy. In the night we watched the singles ward and ordered pizza it was pretty chill.

I feel like i'm changing Mexican so if thats bad, I'm sorry I love the people up to the Horchata to the Mexican ladies don't shaving I love everything. Pray for me this week that I can find the people that have been waiting for me in the pre earth life.

I love you and I know that we are blessed that's amazing that Wade is alright and that Laur is fine with her driving I know that God sent 2 angels when I left one to go with me and the other to stay and take care of you guys.

I love ya tons

Go get them out there.

Elder Bretty boy

p.s. I wet the bed. 
jk no just joking. We had like a mini water fight in the house. My comp was looking a pics of Lauren, I told him to put them down and got to sleep. He stuffed them in his pillow case, so a grabbed a jug of water and said i'll get you wet. He said if you get me wet i'll soak your bed, I didn't think that he would do it. So I splashed some water on him. Well he did it - he soaked my bed.

Monday, September 14, 2015


(a kid doing the monkey on a rope and his basketball hoop in the back)

Hey Family:

Its feels like a decade since i've written you guys! Hope everything is on
the DL, hey Mom don't kill me too much until I get home.

Its kinda weird sometimes when we are just walking in the road songs will
come into my head. and just barely the song of Lilly Allen came in to my
head. Where Wade would lip sinc... Heart ah ah ah ah Heart. Something like
that. Good ole times!

Hopefully all you stinkers are doing everything that you can on your
homework and that you tell mom and dad that you love them every morning and

Last week i'm sorry we went to Xalapa for our leadership with the Pres. It
was pretty fun! I love President! He's helped me out sooo much! Well on the
way home we always take ADO and they have really cool ties. So we always
take pit stops from Xalapa to Poza! So when we stop to take a break. I
asked the driver, hey thats a really cool tie, where could I buy one? Well
the homie hooked me up saying well no I have 2 i'll give you this one! It
was the best day Ever!!!!

On Wednesday we did a Class as a zone. Now my zone is huge! So i'm pumped.
We did an activity put a maze of chairs and there companion had to guide
them a round Everyone loved it!

Friday we were in the need of finding new people to teach. We started
contacting in the road. But everyone was rejecting us. So we were walking
and we said hey lets talk to this guy out side of his house. We went up to
the gate of the house. Acting like we were looking for someone named Jorge.
He told us that no one lived there named Jorge. We acted disappointed a
really. So we started to say oh what's your name. It was a young guy named
Arturo. His pretty cool. He told us to come back tomorrow. Well we did.

Long story short. Saturday came and Arturo invited his uncle who is
Evangelist... they had 5 bibles on the table surrounding the book of mormon.
It was an awesome feeling to testify to them that we have the full gospel.
And we answered all their questions! Scripture Power!!!!

Sunday they had the rededication of the Mexico temple! It was sweet! Do you
guys remember when we went to the Oquirrih mountain temple i think? I don't
know what temple but we went to the open house? well Sunday we were able to
have the rededication broadcasted to us. It was spiritually uplifting.

today I was trying to be creative and to a relay for the zone! on pday. I
had it planned out to be really cool. But a bunch of people failed on me
and didn't want to come. but no worries I did some quick planning and
everything worked out fine. I'll tell you in more detail later. Mom do you
remember when you did the amazing race with the Roberts! ha ha Thats how i

Oh also with this guy Arturo! On friday when we were leaving he asked us
what our names where. I told him elder Roberts. He told me no your real
name. (I didn't know what i was thinking) I told him Brett. Then i
explained no but for right now i'm elder Roberts. Well my comp also said his
named. So the next day when we came to see Arturo. Said oh hey Brett and
Carlos. Come in come in. How are you Brett... It was saying my real name it
was soooo wierd. Elder P and I could hide our smiles. It was soo funny. He
introduced us to his uncle. Hey uncle this is Brett and Carlos. We finally
told Arturo about our names so hopefully he'll get the idea.

I love you all

Bretty Roberts

Pics with my homie Elder Draper.

Me and my comp trying to do a heart, the hermanas trying to beat us.

Me trying to lift my comp on the patio of the Secretary's house.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Hey mom I love you so much!!!!!!! I'm sorry IM NOT going to be able to write, we had to marry Pearla and i'm going to Xalapa, tell Laur good job on her win and i'm proud of every single one of you guys, I pray everyday! Im sticking my fist up in the air as we speak RIGHT NOW!

(water fight with the comp)
(the wedding of Perla)

Monday, August 31, 2015


Hey Homies!!

Well this week Just flew by, i'm not even joking!

With my Zone we committed a goal of 20 baptisms for this month. So we were working our heads off trying to complete the goal. Long story short, we didn't make it.
But we were the smallest Zone in the whole mission and we got 2nd! so Wahoo! 

Tuesday was P day we didn't do much.

Wednesday was my district class (ha ha I don't have to teach the classes now!) Umm its was pretty good I was able to bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon! and I testified that every time I pray and ask Heavenly Father, my answer comes stronger!! But since it was just classes, basically the day went to waste! Just a bunch of meetings.

Thursday: I did divisions with Kawastin, the missionaries up there. It was fun and Elder Reyes is a homie, a big black mexican guy! You would think he's cute Laur. It rained a bunch. I always like to get soaking wet, it makes me feel like i'm working hard. 

Friday: The miracles started to roll in! We are teaching a family, they rejected us because they only want financial help money from the church. But the daughter is awesome and right now she's reading in 1st Nephi 15 and she's loving the church. She basically bore her testimony telling her family why she wants to get baptized! GOLD!! Shakaboom! 

Our 2 baptisms for this week were dropped. Alejandro...the husband of a family that just got baptized TodavĂ­a doesn't want to get baptized because doesn't feel prepared. And Perla, her husband didn't come home from work when they were supposed to get married because right now he's living in Tabasco and he works in the trucks and sometimes he just doesn't come home. It's sad.  

Saturday: Well Claudia gave us a bunch of referrals of friends of her to contact. We did and the family rejected us. So we contacted her neighbor and it turns out that they are members and her daughter hadn't been baptized! (Thank you Heaven)

Sunday: Was pretty crazy, in the morning Elder Gutierrez and I we always do divisions with the youth in the ward to help us pass for the investigators! I went with a joven named Alberto (George) He's my homie. Well we brought 3 Young ladies to church. And I felt so awkward because they were giggling and giving me eyes the whole time! Ahh it was bad! I've heard that this black badge gives me extra good looks. I needed them.

In the afternoon we got the changes. Well I'm still staying Poza Rica but we are grouping up the zone. So instead of having 10 missionaries in the zone now they will be 22! This should be fun! I'll keep seeing Elder G, but just not everyday!

Well I love you all! I hope school is going great. Do something out of the ordinary this week like Ferris Bueller would do. And then next week tell me about it!

Stay Spiritual

Bretty Boy

Monday, August 24, 2015


Hey Mommers!! (and family)

Wow these last couple of days have been pretty crazy! I feel like its been so long since I been able to sit down and write you guys! 

Yesterday I didn't get the chance to write you because we left for the bus at 2:30 in the morning (even here in the night at 2 in the morning I was still sweating while we walked) Poza to Xalapa is a 5 hour bus ride. We usually take ADO (busses that you take to go to Lagoon) but it would be pretty pricey, so the Mission rented 3 busses for Tuxpan, Poza, Papantla, Martinez and Tezitulan. It was pretty fun to have all the missionaries from Poza all on 1 bus! I tried to sleep but I basically got 1 hour! 

We arrived at the stake center in Xalapa... I saw all my buddies, all my old comps from the mission. 164 missionaries all together! We got there and they served us breakfast fruits and juice and granola bars. We practiced for choir and then we got all set up to take a picture. At the church there is a little hill side where we all formed lines. And waited... and waited a little more... We were all doing the wave and singing hymns while we were all in the line and then President Greer had us all get quiet. He bore his testimony to us about how he loves us and got all choked up! Everyone started to clap and say love you back then thats when the caravans came up to the entrance and the whole crowd fell completely silent. Out stepped the camera lady and a few escorts the setenta and his wife and then Elder Christofferson, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Ahhh it was really so amazing! He had a glow. He and his wife spoke perfect spanish. The whole conference was in great! I can really bare testimony to you guys that Jesus Christ is guiding his church through President Monson and His Apostles and Missionary work is the priority of the church right now. So it feels like I'm on the front lines, here in Mexico, just call me Private Elder Ryan (Roberts)

(Brett fifth row down, left side)

Quick story, every Thursday we have noche de hogars in the church. So I planned a relay race which was pretty cool. I got a bunch of shoe boxes and cut the old pants of an elder that he left and taped them to the box and cut a hole in the top of the box and I used this game as the Minute to win it game. I put 3 rocks in the box so the tie it around their waste and they have to shake the rocks out. It was a hit everyone loved it!

I'm doing great. I love my area. I need to work a little bit harder because ya we've baptized basically all our contacts, so we have to go out and work a little harder to find the chosen.

I love you all so much

Don't be too cool for School!

Stay Spiritual-


Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey mom, I'm writing early because I'm heading to Xalapa this morning to renew my Visa.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Only In Mexico....

This week has flown by! I love my new area, we have so much work! Sometimes at night I come crashing to bed, half asleep I'm taking off my tie and shoes. Then in the morning I get up and start it all again. 

I love my Life (in the voice of Nacho Libre)

Well I had a really cool letter planned out with pictures and everything but this computer is not letting me send pics. 

This week on Monday and Tuesday we went to Xalapa! It was pretty cool, I was able to see a bunch of my pals around the mish and Hna Greer made us waffles which was so awesome! Consejo we did some fun activities to help us become better leaders. After, we finished early so I was able to see some people in Xalapa which was a highlight for my time here. We are also going to have the chance to hear from an Apostle! Elder Christopherson is coming to talk to us Agosto 24. Boo yeah I'm so ready to get spiritually filled!!!

Wednesday we had Zone Class. Everyone was pumped because we are baptizing and working hard! We bought Ice cream and did some activities. 

Thursday... we've been working hard with this one family, they are called Perla and her husband is a truck driver. We need to get them married. She loves the church and also her husband went to church on Sunday. He reminds me of the guy that Rocky boxes in the last movie. He looks like him. Perla told us that she had a dream about us and how she would get married and how she dreams about getting baptized! She is a true convert, only in Mexico.

Friday: We found a whole family to teach so that's pretty big and cooool. The dad broke his wrist and so they had to put pins in his arm. Yeah hopefully we can baptize them soon! They are perfect.

I had an interview with a lady for her baptism and during the interview she told me that Joseph Smith is the dad of Jesus. Oh hermana you are almost right. Haha

We also got stopped by a drunk guy it's been the like 3rd time this week. And every time he asks us about the blue book. (Book of Mormon) Well we gave it to him and he was like a kid on Christmas. Doing hip thrusts and kissing the book and lifting it up in the air for everyone to see. 

Only En Mexico

I love you guys! I'm doing great! I pray for you guys every night mostly because I know that the nightmare that all of you have that is right around the corner! School! 

Congrats on the pups Quincy! The member that we live with, her dog also just barely had pups

I miss the traditional shopping with the crew! How spoiled are you guys staying at a fresh Hotel.

With love Bretteres

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey Un Chiste:

Q:¿Que es peor que ver un gusano en su Manzana?

It sounds like the family had a fun time In "Summer Nights Week"

Mom and dad You guys saved me this week! Thanks for sending me the money! 

Okay pues this week was a pretty awesome week! It's an awesome feeling to put Goals and then accomplish them! It's an awful feeling getting sick and not have a mom to love you and give you a hug.

Saying goodbye to elder Perez (our marriage cake)

Sunday dinner tacos!

Eating with the bishops family in his trailer.

Teasing my favorite kid Juan. 

Umm on Tuesday we had a District class! This is where my comp is in one class and I'm in the other. After the separate classes we got everyone together and got them excited for this coming Month of August! We told them our goal for the zone is 22! We also but a goal for a bautizona!! Which is where the whole zone baptizes on a Sunday which is really cool! Which normal minds that aren't missionary minds would think that's a really easy thing to do, but actually it's not. Well things were starting to look good for me and my comp. We felt really cool and felt like God loves us and he said that's fine, you guys can have a bautizona because we had lots of people to contact! But on tuesday this hermana gave us Pizza which I was soo happy to eat got me really, really sick! 

But i'm good now! 

Right now we had a chance to baptize a girl named Sol. Her family is awesome and she was the only one that wasn't baptized! We talked to her and taught her and she was golden and we got her excited and to the water she went! 
Baptism of Solita, 

Totolapa is pretty cool, I'm not in the same house! Or even in the same area! Our area is super poor which I love. It beats the busy streets of Xalapa! 

I'm sorry that the letter is not that great! I've been writing letters but I don't know if they are getting to you guys! Let me know when you get them! I love every single one of you guys!

With Love Brett!

A: ¡ A ver un Medio gusano en su Manzana!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Hey Wade Quiny Cal River Laur Canny RORO Mom and Dad!!

Well mom, you got that right! From now on i'm having 4 fans in my face to sleep.

I cant iron my clothes without sweating to death, when you ask for water they give you coke!
But ya baby i'm back in Poza Rica!!! 

My area is Totolapa. My comp is from Argentina, spitting image of Ferris Bueller i'm not even lying. We are going to have some good times! I'm really just so happy to be back! We came in to a white wash area! Meaning that the president took out the 2 elders in the area and put in two newbies. The good things is like 3 months ago Elder Gutierrez was in the area!

We came babtizing! My area is golden, I don't know what I did but President put me in a chosen area! I am the zone leader now. The members are awesome, the bishop reminds me of an doctor from india. But i'm going to be having some good times here in Totolapa! 

My comp loves this tea called mate! It actually really good its like this herbal tea that the leaves are like alfalfa and you put honey in it and sugar! We have spent last night just talking and drink the tea! It was pretty fun! I feel like that was one of the first times in my mission when Ive a homie that I was freely talking in spanish! Wahoo

We are the smallest zone in whole mission but this month we have plans to be baptizing the most! So life is great! Next week I'm headed to Xalapa for a conference with prez and the other Zone leaders!

This coming week I'll have more things to tell you! 

Cristo te ama!

Roberto Roberts

Monday, July 20, 2015


Hey family damily! 

This week has been a lot better then the past week! Well on Tuesday in my class I shared the poem of Our Greatest Fear! Which was awesome and I knocked them dead. Remember when Mom one summer had us all memorize this poem and she would pay us 50 bucks? Well I never got the money! So after I went on splits with my homie Elder Lopez! He's awesome and has just been struggling in his area.

Well on Wednesday was a day to never be forgotten. Basically no one was answer so it was soo frustrating. And then all of a sudden it started to rain. Pouring rain and there was still the sun shining. But it kept on raining harder and harder. The streets turned to rivers and the cars to boats. We tried to get in a house but they rejected us. My comp was mad at me. I felt like I was in a movie fighting with my girlfriend in the rain. (but with my comp) WE were both walking along soaked with the rain running down my nose. I said, well fine then what are we going to do!? We looked for the first house or building to get in and out of the rain. Well I went to Alcolicos and Anonicos. ha ha It was fun and I talked to a guy that has problem with alcohol. Well that night my comp had a complete break down. His scriptures were soaked and he was afraid that he was going to get sick because of the rain. It was a good experience for him and because of my experience with bad things happening, I didn't break down crying - I just went down stairs and asked for a blowdryer to dry out his scriptures. 

Thursday, my main homie Elder Nordhoff (assistant) wanted to spend the day with us! It was fun!

Friday! We had this activity that I felt so much stress doing because basically the ward told me if I want to do an activity I would have to do it all myself. Which I did! The activity was about the restoration, I was pedro (made my beard out of my pillow!) I found all the costume stuff in the house! Just call me the next Hilary Roberts! It was fun Ill send you the video!

Saturday and Sunday! was meh so so. I got changes and......I'm going to Poza Rica! 
the same place where I was a year ago!

I love you guys so much! I'm so proud of every single one of you! 

Laur stop writing the Elders! 
Wade: I love you dude, wreck it at the parade
Riv: You are soo cute! I'm looking for a mexican boy for you
Kal: Dude you're awesome! I want to see a pic of your summer fort
Quin: You're are the cutest girl in the whole world!
Cany: Don't worry I still spray my comp with water when I'm roning!
Ro: You're chubby! I brag about you with everyone! 

I love you guys sooooo much! Today I played basketball and an old man with 60 years was out running me! 
Ya I have a body of an old man ha ha.

With love Brett

(I thought this was funny)

Monday, July 13, 2015


Well Guys I hope the gringo day was awesome for y'all! I hope you guys ate a bunch of pie and hamburguesa and ice cold lemonade! Basically the one thing I missed of course was da fam but also the fireworks!

Right now I'll give a big ol shout out to Donald Trump... I always got your back bud! No really, we American missionaries have been getting a lot of comments and nice feedback from everyone here in Mexico from what ol Donny said. I actually really don't know but I guess he called Mexicans Coca cola crazy... or something offensive (which basically they are a little coka crazy!)

On Saturday the 4th, (Saturdays are always dangerous days because that's when the JW's are out) Well the day before we were given a reference that a member lived in a house close by us. So in the morning we went to check it out. We yelled from the street "buenos dias" crossing our fingers that someone would answer. And a guy with his baby popped his head out and said "diga me" or tell me. So we started to throw our sale pitch and smiled and he bought it. He told us to come in, opened the gate and we got into his house. I was so happy because I was thinking he was chosen! We we sat down, my comp and I. When we sat down I caught my eye with my comp and he gestured to me to look behind me where the TV was. I took a glance and saw it was full of magazines and books of JW material! Ahhh shoot! what did we just get ourselves in to?! We were started talking, I was excited because it didn't seem so bad! I started to relax. Just then the door bell rang and our Reference said "Oh my dad's home!" He opened the door and a guy with an umbrella hat and colorful shirt stepped in the room. (all the signs for a JW) Well we just stepped out of the pot and into the fire! Thank goodness that these guys didn't want to bible bash! They were actually really awesome and they fed us breakfast. And basically asked us about our church. They didn't accept anything, which is really sad because they would have been amazing members. After, the kid asked me about why people in the United States are soo racist. Well that's when he showed me the Donald Trump video! Well that was basically my 4th of July in Mexico. I took that star tie that Mom sent and and put some american flag stamps and put it on! haha

We also had a really cool experience on Wednesday! It was also in the morning. Elder Trejo and I were basically trying to figure out what can we do! (in the morning we never have anything to do) Well we passed this clinic, basically a hotel. But it's like the one that Spanish Fork had when I was little. Its called Cruz Angeles. Well we passed by on the corner and I saw a lady crying with her husband rubbing her back saying everything will be fine. I felt a big prompting to talk to her. I passed by saying ah no we need to go with Arturo. But I felt the prompting again. So I turned back to talk to this lady. When I got to her she had her hands in her face and looked up at me with red, swollen eyes. I told her who we are and that if there's anything that we can help with. She denied saying they are fine. Well I decided to be a little more persistent saying that we believe that the power that Jesus used to heal the sick has been restored. She kinda perked up a little bit. I asked again if there was something that we can help with. She looked at her husband and then she said, "follow me."  We entered through the building and got to the last hall where her mother was. Thinking that it was just her and her husband, we entered into the room packed, full of people. I suddenly got really nervous. She introduced us to her whole family as brothers of Jesus Christ. Well we gave a brief intro to who we are. And what we do. We were able to give a blessing to the grandma. My comp did the sealing and I did the blessing. The grandma was sleeping and all of a sudden before I put my hands on her head the Grandma woke up which kinda scared me. Haha her daughter explained what we were doing. The grandma went back to sleep. We left the family with my favorite song, I need thee every hour! I left the building so happy and full of joy. Later that night, I was thinking how much happier would those people be if they knew!!! We are soo blessed to have dad in our home who has the priesthood.

Well guys this week I'm going to make it to mount everest! I'm going to be on top of the world! I'm going for my Mission mark!

Like fantastic Mr. Fox said Who am I??? why not a bear, a horse! I'm just different and I'm going to be able to give my speech!

I love you! Every single one!!


*Brett sent these pictures of his investigator Arturo (he's blind) but didn't mention his baptism in his letter. So cool!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Well hey family i'm doing great! This letter is going to be a little short, sorry!

This week has been a rough one! I don't know por que but we haven't been able to find anybody that will progress! We have been trying to do what president has asked us to do which is to work with the members. But it is so slow and when we put citas con ellos, they never show up or they always cancel on us! But hopefully this week will be a great one for us one to be remembered!

We had a conference with the President this week and he really focused on the Book of Mormon. And the power it has for our conversion and our investigators. I was able to share the story about Margarita and how she didn't accept us and how her heart was opened because of the Book of Mormon.

We also got a new couple missionary. The whole time that they were baring their testimony, I couldn't help but think of grandma and grandpa (Wade you should go and work for grandpa!) 

Yesterday after church we were able to go to the house of Cesar. It was his daughter's birthday so we came and his whole family was there. Well all the kids were running around crazy and so after the dinner, I started to do relay races! It was actually really fun! All the little kids were throwing in there own ideas and doing what ever I wanted. The family was on the side watching us. The kids kept asking like this Missionero (tucking the balloon under their chins or putting it under their shirts!)

After the games, the family was really interested in our church. Cesar asked if we could give a blessing to his sick sister and then to his mom for comfort. It was an awesome experience to use my priesthood and testify that if Cesar stays worthy he also can also have this Power of God! 

Well I love you guys! It sounds like your summer is doing great! I got the package which was so awesome! Be looking for some letters heading your way!

I love every single one of you!! 

I still remember the time we had as a family sitting above the water fall in the mountains just chillin like nothing mattered in the world! 

Well I better be getting back doing the good fight!

Elder Brett