Monday, October 27, 2014


       I'm really doing fine here in Mexico. I do have my times when I can't stop thinking about you guys and wondering how everyone his. But with the language and the doctrine not being so difficult I'm becoming more engaged in everything.      

       I love you all more then a taxidriver hits his horn.

Te amo- Elder Roberts


Hey Mom! 
I want to be the first one to wish you a Happy Early Birthday!

Wahoo big 40!

I wish I had more time to really pour my heart out in this letter. But the sad reality is I don't. I've been thinking back on life lessons i've learned.... or stories with you one that I love. But one that comes to mind is one time at the Lake Shore house in the front there was that sidewalk. And always there would be just un buen ants on the side walk and one day...I was just having a hayday smashing all the ants them all and thinking about trying to burn them. but I remember you came out side and knelt beside me and had me get down to eye level on the sidewalk and you said, "these ants have families too." 

My mission has brought us even more close and this story really describes who you are... just selfless and full of life. I Love you soo Much mom! Thanks for being you and I want you to know mom I really do love you.

well mama next time? next week?

with love 

Your boy- Elder Brett Dean Roberts

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey Mom and Dad! and all the Munchkins!

    Are you guys as excited as I am for the new baby? I'm sorry i'm not great with names. When I try to think of some they just come out Mexicanized. So I'm not a lot of help in that area. 
   Okay my mission is kind of a mix between "West Side Story" and "Rio Bravo" haha. This week has been pretty awesome! We've been finding new investigators left and right! but Elder Ortiz teaches differently. He's just so slow! In his speaking, in his walking, in his getting ready in the morning etc. He's just a take as it comes kinda a guy! Which serves me right I guess. We've been on a average an hour 30 at every house we teach a lesson at. 

     I don't know this week hasn't really stuck out to me except we found a family. A single dad with 3 kids. This dad (Carlos) doesn't have a job but to provide for his kids, he basically does everything from collecting plastic bottles to making juice on the corner and selling it to cars and taxis as they stop at the light. I really have so much respect for the guy. Every time we teach his family, his little boy with big brown eyes about the same age as Canyon points to me and says "hey its me amigo!" everytime! haha I love it! During lessons while the comp is talking i'll break out my fuzzy ball whatchamacallit (koosh) and play toss with the kids. They love it!
      Everyone is Catholic here in Mexico! We really don't even need to ask what religion they're in... because 88 percent of the time they are Catholic. In one lesson with these two boys (Josue y Rodolfo) we ask if they actually go to the Catholic meetings. They said "well our mom is Catholic and our dad is too so is our cousins, but no we don't go we just say were are Catholic."

      I was pretty pumped for the birthday! I didn't really mention it to anyone, I was just planning on in the morning to make some pancakes, go to work in the day... and then finishing off the day with reading Jesus de Cristo. The night before I was looking for a candle at Oxxo (a gas station that has everything) but couldn't find a candle. So when we got home I asked the lady that we rent from that lives right in front of us for a candle. I ended up asking the husband for one he said yeah whose birthday? I said "mine." He said wait hold on a sec. He leaves the room, comes back and says in english but with a strong thick mexican accent...(hahaaha it still makes me laugh) "yooo know what mi wife make you a cake, yeah for your birthday!" I laughed saying no and then I asked him how he knew english. It was funny. But they were pretty persistent about making me that cake. I wasn't going to complain, the lady makes bread and dulces for a living. 
       So in the morning on my birthday I made pancakes. The comp taught me a little bit how to play the guitar and then the other elders in our district came by! It was a chill morning.

 Then about 11 we went to work! It's funny the world really doesn't stop for you on your birthday. The work though was a little disappointing no one was home. I got a little frustrated. Basically the whole day nothing happened and no one was home. In the night we were able to serve one of our investigators and rake up her leaves and burn them. But that's about it. I was really down on myself expecting miracles to happen on my birthday, but it just wasn't the case. So we headed home about 8:45. I forgot all about the little party that the Hermana did. So we walked in to our house and there was the family and Elder Montsevise and Elder Martinez. The hermana was sweet and made homemade pizza and an AWESOME strawberry pastle. It was a good way to end the day! 

So nothing big with the pinata or pin the tail on the donkey! It was actually a really awesome 19th birthday!! I'll attach photos. It's tradition to take a first bite out of the cake so when I did the Hermano shoved my face in the Cake! Ha! in his broken english said "sorry itz tradition!"

Guys I love you all so much, I wrote a handwritten letter about how our family is going to change from 7 to 8. The more I read it, the more I realize i'm becoming that cheezy missionary! Pray for me to not become that Cheezy missionary!!

With Love: Elder Brett Dean Roberts

Hey Mommers!!

To answer a few questions, we go to church at petromex ( its called petromex because of the petroleum it reminds me of springfield in the Simpsons) The man we contacted on the streets name His Artutol. He's really interested in the church, but his wife is hard core Catholic so he's nervous to talk to us. His family is perfect. This little girl's name is Ash she's like 4 and she told me she has a crush on me and will always sit by me during lessons!!  A fecha is a baptism date.

Hey Mom I hope everything is going well with the baby and all! Right now i'm trunkie as ever! Just thinking about the fam and all the baby preparations and if Laur and all the other kids know how to not be stressing you out makes me wish I was there to help. I hope you're really doing well. I feel like... ( this could be something cheesy off of Saturdays Warrior) but I feel like the little baby is watching over me. I've asked Heavenly Father for help to stay focused but the baby news always keeps coming to mind. So I'm happy. I still think its going to be a boy! How about Shane for a name?? 

Well I love you Mother!

I'll be there right with you while I'm here in Mexico!!
Elder Bretters

Monday, October 6, 2014