Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey Family!!
Everythings swell i'm finally settling in and its becoming second nature to being a missionary. I hope you all are happy and heathy! It sounds like from the letters everything is going good and it's raining a lot and it's basically the same ol same ol. I hope your 5th week of school is treating you great as my 5th week here in the mish!  
      This week has been one of the fastest and one of the longest. Just because it has been jammed packed with everything. 1st last monday we headed to Xalapa. For the visas we went 6 hours there and 6 hours back it was nice to feel the fresh clima in Xalapa and drink American milk and have costco muffins fill my belly! Wednesday and Thursday was work days... Friday was a party! Oh in the morning we met with the Pres! Oh I love the guy... you can just feel the love from Pres. The conference was focusing about a way of teaching. He asked me to give a demonstration. It wasn't the best ever he said but it was from the heart! *getting points with Pres. For lunch we went and ate tacos oh it's food from the Cielos! The tacos here and the tortas are probably the best food i'll eat here oh and the sweet bread with some jam and milk i'm good for the rest of the mish.

    Friday night we had a little "mexicano noche" we did a little skit. The comp and the other companionship wanted to do this spoken word shindig! ahh it was awful so we sang and then after we sang we were able to talk about the songs. I was able to talk about "families are forever" I made it more relatable to the people there and told the story about when we were in the car singing the song "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" and when Wade messed up the words. Everyone laughed...I dont know if it was about the story or just at me. The fiesta was the bomb because all the little kids loved me and the parents thought I was great and I played the "Don't Eat Pete" game with them. I was in my element. That was the first time that i've actually felt like myself here on the mission.

Saturday was a work day! We also traveled to do interviews for baptism because my comp is DL. So with the taxis they try to cram as many people in as they can. When we got a taxi I sat in the back with this lady that was selling tamales. With my broken spanish I was able to talk to her and have a conversation. By the end of the ride I had 2 tamales in my hands and had referrals from her. We are going to start teaching her next week!
Also while waiting for the comp I played a soccer game with some of the neighboor hood kids oh they are soo good!!

Today was Cambios! I'm getting a new comp! It was getting bad with me and him He was bagging on the ward and how much he hates Petromex. My new comps name is Elder Ortis. Usually for greenies like me you stay with your trainer for 2 cambios but I guess I'm just different!

All in all everything is good in the hood. I miss you all sooo much its crazy how just the littlest things can remind me of each and every one of you. 

Hey my little bros and sisters, thanks for the letters...I really do have the best family ever! It makes me tear up just thinking about how much you all have changed. Like Wade you in those pics look like a man off the Hollister posters. Laur you and Max are a diamond couple (but that dress though) Kal you would love it here in Mexico the houses are so close together you can be climbing and doing all your crazy shenanigans all day! River I love your letters you should become a writer and feel your personallity in every letter. Quinny...Thanks for all the love and have so much fun in Preschool. Canny keep mom safe from al the ninjas!

Wade: I hope your birthday was great!! Junior high goes by quick

River: Keep being yourself I love you so much

Kal: I cant wait to see you on America ninja warrior

Quiny: Hey girl show no mercy with those boys

Canny: you should see the alligator mexis

Its so hard to hit the x button on the computer, but I guess I will.

Love, your big bro

I love you all so much and will be trying to focus on general conference and not be thinking of what kind of treats mom would be breaking out in-between speakers.

Te amo with love

Elder Roberts

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey family!!!

I miss you guys sooo much! It's crazy that I've already been in Mexico for a month. And Cambios are coming up next week. It's funny how just in six weeks a person can get used to things. During Comida with the members of the ward for instance, sometimes I'll be eating chicken, fried chicken and then while I'm eating these little live chickens come walking into the house just looking at me in the middle of a bite. Yup it's on the norm now. Al otro I dont wave at the taxis anymore when they honk at me to see if need them to pick me up. Or I'm not annoyed by the Motorcycle tortilla guys that just lay on their horn as they're driving saying that they have tortillas. I'll attach a pic. On the back of the moto they have a picnic cooler full of tortillas. They just drive around everywhere and thumb on the horn! ( the horn sounds like the buzzer at the carnival that broke and won't stop.) Yeah, I'm over it. I'm used to people not responding back to me when I try to speak english. Even if I speak it really slow. Yeah I've even got used to the good book of mormon jokes, now they make me laugh. Or having the crazy outragous claims about" jose smith" being in the Free Masons. Yeah I'm used to it. It happens on the daily!

This week has been good and rough, a little bit of both. I was able to teach more in lessons. But we didn't have alot of people to teach. For some reason people are just not wanting to listen to us lately. So we been focusing on a few inactive Families. So not the best on new investigators this week and sorry but no Sunday baptism.
´Probablly the highlight for this week was earlier this month on like my first week and we were shopping for stuff to buy. I felt like I should contact this guy that was all dressed in white (which they wear if they are like going to nursing school.) I was thinking that this guys was a huge target for babtism already because he was dressed in white. Well I went up to him and broke the ice by saying. "You like white?" Ha ha! And then I offered my missionary spill. I stopped to take a breath and he said in clear english "do you speak english?" (just like off of The Best 2 Years) well I got his deets and he lived in my area. For the next couple of weeks we tried to contact him but he was never home. This week he was finally there! We were able to teach him. He wouldn't accept the fecha right away, but he did say he wanted to hear more! woot woot!
I'm proud to say I have a pretty strong immune system (thanks mom and dad) I still haven't gotten sick from the food here. I've been eating everything from flamming hot chiles to fried chicken feet!! One thing that I hated at first but now im craving 24/7 is Chicken Mole! It's just chicken and rice drizzled in a sauce with all these spices. At first it tasted like black licorice but now I can't get enough of it.
(if im getting fat you guys need to tell me)

Well I love all you guys so very much I'm kicking myself that I'm not there on Wade's bithday. But I'm trying to send blessings his way. I love you guys all so much. Seriously though, just the little things remind me of each and every one of you and then I can't focus the rest of the day!
I miss you and love you a ton!

with love Elder Brett Roberts
Bretty boy

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hey Familla de Roberts!!
Everything is as good as good here in Mexico. Tomorrow is Mexico's Revolution so all I see is drunk people in red, green and grey! All around, it's great. President said we have to stay in our houses tonight. Because there has been a video going around that a group of masked men are going to shoot up the town. So Pres just worries about us gringos. With Drunk Mexicans seeing a bunch of white guys on their soil the night of their revolution. Yeah it probably wouldn't end well. 

This week has probably been the hardest. My comp has been here in Petromex for about 6 months. Yeah he's dead. I have to keep pushing to work. He's just coastin right now hoping he will be able to get transferred (next week) but with him being intenidor it probably wont happen (shoot) haha to put it in better perspective. He's like Squidward everymorning saying ¨"another day, another dollar" (or babtism) and i'm here like Spongebob " i'm ready! i'm ready!" haha yeah hes really into himself and we had a really big fight. Where I was honest with him and saying we could do so much better. (companionships are like marriages) This week I feel like has potiential to be a lot better.
It's so hard to get out of bed to go step into the fridged cold shower, but to keep me going I have to give myself a "ferris buellar" pep talk every morning and then after that i'm ready to go! it's great.

I finally feel like my Spanish is coming along ( gift of tounges does wonders) haha. On Wednesday Brenda asked me to baptize her yesterday! I'm judging how great my Spanish is by how much I can understand of the  spanish Soap Operas. Everyone watches them and we have to politely ask to turn them off for the lectiones.
When people ask where i'm from. I've been starting to answer them back saying "casa blanco" (white house) hah some people take it seriously and others are like with president negro? To anwser to your question mom- no, people really don't recognize American news. 9/11 was never mentioned once and honestly I was at a cafe eating with a member when on the T.V. they showed the memorial in NYC. People aren't invested in American life but they all like our pop culture idk.

On our way to Mas Verdes we were stopped by the town drunk. Saying hey Jovenises que es on your plaque. "Jesus Cristo I want." He keep repeating that. He ask where we were going and said Mas Verdes. Long story short. We took him to him home in Mas Verder to set up a lesson with him the next day when he was sober and now hes progressing along nicely so everyone can change.

Next Friday the 27th. The ward is having a fiesta. Dancing, eating, games. It'll be fun the missionaries are in charge of a skit. I'm excited because this is a time for me to shine and show my outgoing Brett ways. I have to reenact Nephi´s story quickly. It makes me mad because my comp thinks i'm too green and won't take any of my ideas on contacting, where we should go, what we should teach, and skits. It's alright, I've dealt with worse.

Hey if you guys have any ideas for object lessons, skits, examples for lessons or things to entertain people... for future reference, that would be awesome.

Well it looks like my time is running down. But I do love all you guys and during lessons or even during walking up and down the streets just the littles things remind me of every single one of you.

Lauren: Hey Erna!! I miss tackling you and forcing you say I love you Brett. It's just not the same with the comp.
Hey for the games make someone (not on student council) lead out. I love you more then all the lice on the little Mexican child's head

Wade: I hated 8th grade... I hope you're faring well. I remember always at the football games Caleb Stevens and I and the crew would always play football over by that flag pole. And then I would always try to look cool and flirt with Paizlee Dansie. Have fun, don't miss a thing, it goes fast bruh. I love you more then all the stray dogs here in Mexico

Rivey J: has your hair turned blond yet? Do you still tell everyone that mom is pregnant?? Hahah how was steak saucfrence?? Hey I think about you everyday don't forget it. I love you more then all the Coke a Mexican drinks in a week.

Kallers: Hey Jackie Chan!! Have you got your black belt yet?? How is karate? guess what? I was in karate once. yeah once and then mom never took me back. hahaha I love you home skillet more then the hair on a mustache on a senorita.

Quiny: guess what i'm learning? "do you want to build a snowman in spanish. So when I get back we can do a duet! I love you more then the color green here in Mexico!!

Canny: Are you still into Ninjas? What do you like now buddy? Do you still watch netflix in your underwear or are you to old for that now? I love you more then how many times in a day I hear the word gringo.

Thanks for the prayers and best wishes!
I love all you guys so very much.

With love Elder Roberts ( your big brother and son)

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey Family!! 

    Its crazy its already another p-day! The weeks here go by sooo fast. Im getting the hang of things and i'm starting to  understand and thrown in a couple phrases of my own here and there. The heat just becoming part of the work i'm not minding it as much anymore. 

Green is becoming my fav color, everything is so green here. What was I thinking about tumble weeds and dried up mexicans? There is this place in our area called Mas Verdes (much green) It has a lot of hills and basically people put shacks or houses where ever there is room and just build up on top each other. It's soo crazy but reminds me of Indian Jones or something.
It has rained everyday this week! It's funny it rains really hard like to the point when it starts flooding the roads and then stops. So we get soaked every time I feel like of the movie Jurassic Park or in The Notebook with me and my comp!

I love it because I can't speak espanol very well. To make small talk all the mexican people in the ward or during lessons they try to speak english to me, I love it. One guy was asking what kind of music I like in a thick accent "Michael Jackson, Willey Nelson, Whitney Houston?" Bless their hearts.
I got my first baptism this sunday! I'll attach a picture. This girl was golden we found her at a members house one that we were eating at. I messed up on her name in the baptism. I had to redo it like 3 times. Their names are so long and they sound all the same. It was great. She smoked before but she dropped everything for the gospel. Ahh its such a great feeling changing lives one person at a time.

Sometimes when i'm feeling down or the day is not going great. I just mess with the drunk guys (vorachos). HAHA they are everywhere and they always say they'll go to church and a say they'll get baptized. Its great!

The people of mexico are just ready to hear the gospel. Umm we were walking home a little late from a cita. A kid dressed in prep clothes came to us asking in spanish "are you from the gospel?" We found out the kid wanted to hear more but the family wouldn't let us teach last week because their grandpa died. Now we are teaching them at 6 today. It's crazy how an experience like that can open up peoples eyes for the gospel. Sad but true.
Well family I sure do love you. They say if you eat a lot of mexican chile you'll become mexican. I did and I'm still American.  I love you guys soo very much and theres not a day that I don't think about you guys individually. 

Te Amo, Elder Bretty Roberts

Laur: I miss you so much and I love all your letters! Thats so great that you're playing varsity!  How's Council?? I hope your doing great I love you so very much I miss going to school with you and venting about our problems together.

Wade: Hows Fred Flinders?  You should go in a speedo for your ice bucket challenge!!  When I show the pic of the family all the Hermanitas are like oh muy guapo pointing to you. You did steal the good looks of the fam use them well and wisely. Love you and think about you all the time.

River: Do you remember when you were actually my first baptism? Haha yesterday brought back so many memories! I hope everything going great. I hope you putting on wet dog every morning to scare off the boys. Love you Rivey J

Kallers: Are your teeth growing back? I feel like you should become the snowboarder of the family. Ha ha you've got the looks, and the style! Hey watch out for Canyon and Quinny and the new baby. Love you big guy.

Quinny: Now that you're in kindergarten are you too big for Bo on the Go? HA promise me you'll be able to read me a book by Christmas time okay? I love you with all my heart

Canny Boy: Que pasa Master Ninja?... you keep giving mom compliments okay? Protect mom and the new baby! I love you buddy. 

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey Familia!! 
I would like to say im mexican but reality says im not!! its Hard because during lessons basically all I got is testifying what my companion says is truth and thanks for the agua and food. 
Im eating well everyday about 2 we eat with a member! Its been diffrent everytime some times I get mol'e, sometimes chicken, it just depends. The one thing that I love though is that they feed us tortillas everymeal its like a must have. They are so good like the ones at disneyland that we would always suffer through the movie just to grab the tortillas at the end.
     Honestly all the people here is Pedros on there bike with their mexican flag waving in the air. Or Doras headed off to school! Its great! ( I do have Doras "map" to salvation) The people that we are teaching right now all live in such humble circumstances! But the little kids never complain.
      I dont know what it is was Mexicans like to keep things alive for instance: Hannah Montanna Shirts I see them everywhere im like do you even know what shes doing now?? haha there soo niave
Next is they Whant Obama for a Third term... Like ive seen vote obama bummber stickers and Vote barrack shirts! HAHah it made me chuckle. We all so got The facebook addicts. Its crazy people hardly have anything their clothes are falling off their backs but they Have the Iphone 5s. The phone addictions are ridicoulous. During lessons my comp has to ask to put them away and focus.
       We had a babtism for a kid in the ward. So we had to clean the pila. There was Spiders huge biggest ones ive ever seen. 

We had to drain it but it wasnt working for some reason. So we came up with using buckets and rope and emptying the water out the window. It was crazy and fun all at the same time! I was in the tub scrubbing it. When I told the comp to start filling it up again and when the water started. A spider shot out of the spout ( a spider that I qualify to be in the traintula catagory) Massive. I screamed and freaked out and smashed it against the glass. It left a huge stain against the glass in the pila. So I guess I did my job and left my mark on the ward.
       Everything going well! We get Chased by dogs about everyday. And when I need something to laugh about I talk to drunk people and commit them to going to church and get babtized! All the people try to speak english to me and all want my Eyes. One old lady said Everytime I see her " im going to scoop your eyes out with a spoon" or thats what my comp says!
       When youve lived with someone for 2 weeks you start to see their true colors. Haha the comps really into himself and always checks his reflection all the time. But hes chill. Always wants to Babtise pinas( 12 year old girls) easy but always fall away after.
       From the looks of it we are going to have a "babt Mes" A babtism every sunday for september!!" Im still looking for that reason why I was called to the Xalapa, Mexico mission, But Im working hard and not letting up!

Im getting into the lessons where I can understand people and give my input. I love testify that this gospel blesses family and I have a pic of our family and I pull it out and say I left you guys for 2 years for this gospel. It gets me teared up everytime!

Lauren: Hows Soccer? Hopefully by the end of the mish i'll be able to take you to school!! 
            Hows the Romance Life? I see a bunch of Israel's trucks everywhere hmmm I wonder how he got it?

Wade: Tell me the secret of how your sooo cool? You have so much going for you right now man a lot more then I ever did take advantage of it! Do you have some fresh clothes for school? You better be keeping up on the Brett name brand of clothing. Are you pumped for Ice Fishing?? Im sorry we never went but when I get back were headed to Alaska, right??

River: Hows Your teacher? Is 5th grade Everything you Imagined? Are you and Cloe still friends? when ever I tell the people I tell them I have a sister named Rio they love it thinks its so pretty!

Kallers: What do you do at Recess? Mom needs to show you that cartoon its one of my favs. Do the girls still chase you?

Quin: Does Jovi have babies yet? What's your most fav thing about kindergarten? Do you love it?

Canny: Am I still your best friend? I love you little buddy! Dont grow up okay. 

I love you family think about you everyday!! I feel your prayers and I pray for you all individually every single day!!
                           with love,

                                    Elder Roberts ( Bretty Sweaty)

Oh p.s. An all american package for the birf would be amazing