Monday, June 29, 2015


Well hey family i'm doing great! This letter is going to be a little short, sorry!

This week has been a rough one! I don't know por que but we haven't been able to find anybody that will progress! We have been trying to do what president has asked us to do which is to work with the members. But it is so slow and when we put citas con ellos, they never show up or they always cancel on us! But hopefully this week will be a great one for us one to be remembered!

We had a conference with the President this week and he really focused on the Book of Mormon. And the power it has for our conversion and our investigators. I was able to share the story about Margarita and how she didn't accept us and how her heart was opened because of the Book of Mormon.

We also got a new couple missionary. The whole time that they were baring their testimony, I couldn't help but think of grandma and grandpa (Wade you should go and work for grandpa!) 

Yesterday after church we were able to go to the house of Cesar. It was his daughter's birthday so we came and his whole family was there. Well all the kids were running around crazy and so after the dinner, I started to do relay races! It was actually really fun! All the little kids were throwing in there own ideas and doing what ever I wanted. The family was on the side watching us. The kids kept asking like this Missionero (tucking the balloon under their chins or putting it under their shirts!)

After the games, the family was really interested in our church. Cesar asked if we could give a blessing to his sick sister and then to his mom for comfort. It was an awesome experience to use my priesthood and testify that if Cesar stays worthy he also can also have this Power of God! 

Well I love you guys! It sounds like your summer is doing great! I got the package which was so awesome! Be looking for some letters heading your way!

I love every single one of you!! 

I still remember the time we had as a family sitting above the water fall in the mountains just chillin like nothing mattered in the world! 

Well I better be getting back doing the good fight!

Elder Brett

Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey Family!

I'm sitting here at the computer that's more like a dinosaur and I'm taking a sip of a coke! Listening outside to the motors and horns constantly because the taxis are impatient. I love the Mexican life!!!

Well this week was good and bad. First of all my homie, Arturo the blind man was suppose to get baptize this week (for fathers day) but everything went crashing down. We did his interview on Friday and well long story short he's living with someone. barrrg?! Some creepy lady is taking advantage of the free house and lives with him. But he thinks that they are together and all this jazz. So ya we are going to see what will be of our homie Arturo! 
(I finally got some mickey D's!)  

(Today we had a nerf war como Zona! So ya we went all out!)

Well also this week I've been a little stressed about being a great missionaro and how I can be better. Well yesterday we have an investigator se llama Izidra. Well this lady has her husband that is miembro but they are living together (things are messed up in Mexico) Well they have been having problems. They didn't show up to church on Sunday so I was wondering what's up. Their son is one of my converts (Michael) So yesterday night we went to go see them. Well it turns out that Izidra and her husband got in a huge fight. Well when I tried talking to Izidra about what happened, she had a hard time telling me because of the two kids int he room. So I decided to go and have a interview with her in the other room. Went into the other room where there was just a curtain to separate it from the other rooms. But it helped with the noise. We started with a prayer. Then she just pourer her heart out about her whole life. Long story short, her life is really hard and she has made a few bad decisions but found this religion and learned how to repent. Her husband doesn't want to forgive her and so she doesn't want to get married. I bore my testimony telling her that I've been born into a family with parents that have been married and they are fine and they sometimes have their problems. But I feel like i'm here to help those families that aren't perfect like mine and help those to see how to become perfect. Ya dig me?

Well my comp Elder Trejo is a cool guy! He's from D.F. a funny guy! He walks pretty slow and is always behind me. And what he likes to do is grab these little berries things and throw them at my head over and over. Well one time he started to do that and in the rain and everything when i was trying to figure out where to go. We got on the side of the road and he was on the side of me. I was a little annoyed at all our plans starting to fall through and Elder Trejo wasn't helping. In mexico on the side of the streets in the rain they fill up to make little lakes. So you sometimes have to watch out. Well my comp wasn't really paying attention and just trying to get on my nerves. He kept hitting me these berries. Right on time, a taxi came zooming by and splashed elder Trejo like a Shamu kinda of splash, he was soaked! it was so funny!!

Well this week was great, hopefully the next one will be a little better! I love you guys soo much!


Hey fam, eat something gross this week! Hopefully your summer is going great! I've made a list of things that I want to do this summer also. Take a pic of yours and send them to me! Love Elder Roberts.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey guys! 

Here in Mexico, spanish Bugs Bunny is everywhere! he says; "que es del nuevo viejo"

So what's new? I was walking on the street the other day and I was thinking about you guys! I remember about mom when she took pics on the couch at grandmas with the supa cape on and her mask! haha it made me laugh!

Well this week has been a good one! First things first, we have had investigator named Arturo! He is blind and he makes me laugh every time we go see him! He's going to be baptized this next week! I was joking with him that to be born like new you have to be baptized like how you came in the world! He thought for a little bit and then it clicked in his head! He said that he'll be embarrassed because everyone is going to see his "cachetas blancas" white bum! It made me laugh!  

Elder Trejo is a good guy. He likes to work and that's what i'm happy about! Well for the past couple of weeks there has been a mechanic guy, he always says hi to me! Well on Thursday it started to rain in the afternoon and all our citas fell through so we decided to contact the dude. He turned out to a really good guy that went to the US to work (what a surprise) ha ha he was a truck driver who worked in Chicago and took routes through all of the states! But he said he loved Utah! He loved our Castles (Temples) he called them! ha ha well we put another date with him! It turns out that his whole family accepted the gospel but they didn't go to church little punks! 

We also found a lady this week that told us that she believes in the fourinity! God the father, Jesus Christ, the Holy spirit and The Virgin Quadalupe. It was funny! 

I love my mission! I love Mexico! It's basically my home now. I'm doing great! Thanks for Everything, I love everyone of you! So much! I remember about this time last year we were chillin! Time goes too fast! I love you guys. Do things worth putting in your journal!

Love Brett

Monday, June 8, 2015


Well hey family, this letter is going to be a great letter because I've had the most incredible week!

Elder Atwood! Elder Nordhoff (my main man) Elder Mexican I don't remember his name!
Elder Lopezsito yo y Elder Martinez 

The baptism of Cesar

(playing some baseball)

We've been having Elder Quintana living with us. Finally he's going to have his new comp. He's a good guy and all It's just really hard to work in trio! The changes came and I'm getting a new comp Elder Trejo! He's a cool guy! We are going to be working hard this next change!

Quick story, Um this week it's been raining like crazy! But I love it because it's better then the blazing hot! (well Xalapa really doesn't ever get hot) 

*letter ends :(

I'm doing great! I love the work but I have to go. I love you guys soo much! 

Rivy You're a great person - I love you so it's not important what others think!

Laur! I love you

Wade, stop looking so good

Kal! Keep being good at everything

Quin! Happy birthday Princess, say hi to your Rat for me I mean hamster 

Canny! Come estas ninja bro?

Ro I love you dude!

Nalinco - a nice place to buy shoes

Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey Guys!! 

"In the summa come on comeon" this song is going through my head thinking about all you that survived another year of school! yahoo now you're going to start getting you knees dirty with pulling weeds!

Well this week has been a little "raro"! President called me last monday saying "hey elder! I'm going to take one of your elders from your district, so for the next 2 weeks you guys are going to be in a trio!" The 3 amigos! So for the past week we have been using the youth of the ward to go on splits. Right now i'm in charge of two areas! Wahoo! Elder Quintana is a giant, huge guy! He's 25 and decided late to go on a mission, and he's in our trio. So he and I have been taking turns to sleep on the floor! ugh it's so hot and I'm not a Wade!

The thing about the area of Quintana is that it's dead! It's probably the richest part of todo la mission! So last week was full of a lot of doors slammed and rejection! haha. The perfect situation in this area is referrals from members, but the members don't even want to work - so it's a little frustrating! Elder Quintana is funny because he likes to flirt with the girls (another reason he went on the mission) Every PiƱa that we see he wants to contact them.

Meanwhile I'm in the area of Quintana! My Hijo is giving demands in the area of ours. On Wed night after passing the dats and everything I was feeling a little down and then I got your card mom (with the owls!) I don't know how you do it, but you are always there when I need a little bit of a pick me up! Thanks mom!! 

Well I got an update of how my old area is going from Elder Lopez. He was telling me that one of our investigators is going to start working those saturdays and sundays. Which almost tore my heart out. So on Friday I decided that I'm going to stay in my area and just work a little harder. We did a little work and found our investigator's mom (Margarita) the mom of Fernando was home! Well we had a really cool lesson with her and after we ended with a pray and everything I said, "Hey hermana can we come back tomorrow? she said sure!" Her son asked her "you're not going to work tomorrow?" She said she was willing to put her faith in God and not work on Saturday and Sundays! It was an awesome feeling!

Well friday night I was a little sad because one of our baptisms that we had planned fell through (Cesar) So I was a little down and sorry but I was in the bathroom thinking about what we could do! All of a sudden a thought came into my head as clear as day "Baptize Margarita!" I was like no, she doesn't want to! She already told us no. We are going to let her progress on her own time! It came again! So I decided right there that's what we were going to do!

So Saturday morning I studied pretty diligently to get a spiritual lesson to go back for her. (Back Story: when I came to Xalapa my first lesson here was with her son Fernando! I remember that she didn't want anything to do with the lessons. When I invited her to come listen, she was like fine but I'm Catholic, I will always be Catholic till I die and you can never change me! Well also one time she tried giving back the Book of Mormon and said she didn't want it in her house! She told us Ya no! So in the end after we baptized her son Fernando we decided that it was best to let her just progress on her own.

Well last Saturday changed everything! We had an amazing lesson where the spirit was so thick you could taste it! She had a change of heart and said she wanted to get baptized, but not until Diciembre! But through the spirit we changed her mind and she agreed to be baptized for the next day! She accepted everything with eyes filled with tears of joy! It was a great baptism, one that I'll never forget!

Yesterday I was talking with one of the counselors of the Bishop who is really cool and he was telling me about his mission! He said something that his mission president said to him, that his mission is "one year and 5 minutos" it's true! I also think that can be applied with life! One year can feel like 5 minutes looking back. So set some things that you want to do this summer, because it's going to go by fast!

I love you guys! This time last year we were in Disney land saying hi to the ole mouse!
I miss you all.

Love Elder Roberts