Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey Mom! 
I want to be the first one to wish you a Happy Early Birthday!

Wahoo big 40!

I wish I had more time to really pour my heart out in this letter. But the sad reality is I don't. I've been thinking back on life lessons i've learned.... or stories with you one that I love. But one that comes to mind is one time at the Lake Shore house in the front there was that sidewalk. And always there would be just un buen ants on the side walk and one day...I was just having a hayday smashing all the ants them all and thinking about trying to burn them. but I remember you came out side and knelt beside me and had me get down to eye level on the sidewalk and you said, "these ants have families too." 

My mission has brought us even more close and this story really describes who you are... just selfless and full of life. I Love you soo Much mom! Thanks for being you and I want you to know mom I really do love you.

well mama next time? next week?

with love 

Your boy- Elder Brett Dean Roberts

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