Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey Hows the family damily?

It rocks to be a missionary!! This week has gone by really fast. My new area is a little hard. We had a couple of investigators progressing but all of a sudden everything went crashing down. For example We are teaching Andrea she's the mom of a convert she loves the church well the 3 days before we were filling out her Registro to get baptized. But comes to know she's not married for The state. She lied to us. She was married and then got divorced with the guy and then they got back together. He's a gold digger. And they don't want to get married. So right now she's not progressing. And everyone else that was in teaching well they don't want to read or go to church. We do have a hope he's Arturo he the dude that we found that brought his uncle to learn with us. He really likes the church its just hard to find him right now.

On Tuesday was the "grita"  the independence of Mexico. It was kinda crazy saying oh ya last year I was in Petromex. So we had a bbq with a family and then at 6 we had to be in our houses. Well we got a call that the assistants were going to sleep with us. Because the next day (Wednesday) was going to be Zone conference I was pretty pumped because Elder Nordhoff is my buddy. In the night we watched the singles ward and ordered pizza it was pretty chill.

I feel like i'm changing Mexican so if thats bad, I'm sorry I love the people up to the Horchata to the Mexican ladies don't shaving I love everything. Pray for me this week that I can find the people that have been waiting for me in the pre earth life.

I love you and I know that we are blessed that's amazing that Wade is alright and that Laur is fine with her driving I know that God sent 2 angels when I left one to go with me and the other to stay and take care of you guys.

I love ya tons

Go get them out there.

Elder Bretty boy

p.s. I wet the bed. 
jk no just joking. We had like a mini water fight in the house. My comp was looking a pics of Lauren, I told him to put them down and got to sleep. He stuffed them in his pillow case, so a grabbed a jug of water and said i'll get you wet. He said if you get me wet i'll soak your bed, I didn't think that he would do it. So I splashed some water on him. Well he did it - he soaked my bed.

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