Monday, September 14, 2015


(a kid doing the monkey on a rope and his basketball hoop in the back)

Hey Family:

Its feels like a decade since i've written you guys! Hope everything is on
the DL, hey Mom don't kill me too much until I get home.

Its kinda weird sometimes when we are just walking in the road songs will
come into my head. and just barely the song of Lilly Allen came in to my
head. Where Wade would lip sinc... Heart ah ah ah ah Heart. Something like
that. Good ole times!

Hopefully all you stinkers are doing everything that you can on your
homework and that you tell mom and dad that you love them every morning and

Last week i'm sorry we went to Xalapa for our leadership with the Pres. It
was pretty fun! I love President! He's helped me out sooo much! Well on the
way home we always take ADO and they have really cool ties. So we always
take pit stops from Xalapa to Poza! So when we stop to take a break. I
asked the driver, hey thats a really cool tie, where could I buy one? Well
the homie hooked me up saying well no I have 2 i'll give you this one! It
was the best day Ever!!!!

On Wednesday we did a Class as a zone. Now my zone is huge! So i'm pumped.
We did an activity put a maze of chairs and there companion had to guide
them a round Everyone loved it!

Friday we were in the need of finding new people to teach. We started
contacting in the road. But everyone was rejecting us. So we were walking
and we said hey lets talk to this guy out side of his house. We went up to
the gate of the house. Acting like we were looking for someone named Jorge.
He told us that no one lived there named Jorge. We acted disappointed a
really. So we started to say oh what's your name. It was a young guy named
Arturo. His pretty cool. He told us to come back tomorrow. Well we did.

Long story short. Saturday came and Arturo invited his uncle who is
Evangelist... they had 5 bibles on the table surrounding the book of mormon.
It was an awesome feeling to testify to them that we have the full gospel.
And we answered all their questions! Scripture Power!!!!

Sunday they had the rededication of the Mexico temple! It was sweet! Do you
guys remember when we went to the Oquirrih mountain temple i think? I don't
know what temple but we went to the open house? well Sunday we were able to
have the rededication broadcasted to us. It was spiritually uplifting.

today I was trying to be creative and to a relay for the zone! on pday. I
had it planned out to be really cool. But a bunch of people failed on me
and didn't want to come. but no worries I did some quick planning and
everything worked out fine. I'll tell you in more detail later. Mom do you
remember when you did the amazing race with the Roberts! ha ha Thats how i

Oh also with this guy Arturo! On friday when we were leaving he asked us
what our names where. I told him elder Roberts. He told me no your real
name. (I didn't know what i was thinking) I told him Brett. Then i
explained no but for right now i'm elder Roberts. Well my comp also said his
named. So the next day when we came to see Arturo. Said oh hey Brett and
Carlos. Come in come in. How are you Brett... It was saying my real name it
was soooo wierd. Elder P and I could hide our smiles. It was soo funny. He
introduced us to his uncle. Hey uncle this is Brett and Carlos. We finally
told Arturo about our names so hopefully he'll get the idea.

I love you all

Bretty Roberts

Pics with my homie Elder Draper.

Me and my comp trying to do a heart, the hermanas trying to beat us.

Me trying to lift my comp on the patio of the Secretary's house.

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