Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey Lovely Family!

Okay I had a really awesome letter all ready for you guys because from this point on I'm going to try a lot harder to do better on my letters, especially for mom! ily...but anyway, when I was in the middle of my train of thought, the computer just shut off! The power is out in this part of the city and went out for no reason. So it took us forever trying to find a cyber that wasn't jam packed full or had the power out. So right now i'm writing on a dinosaur of a computer! so bare with me - so let's start with my week!

This week has been full of miracles! and full of rain. Yesterday was the first time I saw the sun in about a week and a half! Rain, rain and more rain. But for Monday (last week) we didn't do much - usually on Mondays we just have noche hogars and then finish up our day on mondays. So we met with a family that we are trying to teach the dad. It's just really difficult hard because he is a taxista and so his work schedule is crazy. So it's been hard to find him home. We taught him and his daughter and his wife. It all went so well!

On tuesday (boxing day for los mexicanos) was dia de los tres reyes! So the gente believe that the kings that came to Jesus on his birthday were late so then they celebrate like a week after. It's almost bigger than Christmas. The kids get gifts in the night and cut Rosca. It's the bread that is in an oval shape and has the baby Jesus! ha ha It's fun because when you are eating the bread you'll find the baby and it kinda hurts like a plastic figure kinda thing to chomp on. And if you find the baby (toca la muñeca) you have to take tamales to a family on the 2 de Feb. Yeah so it was hard to teach that day because a lot of our investigators were gone or headed out. So we did what we could. In the night one of the members, family Rosario brought a rosca over and we ate it with hot cocoa! It was a good time.

Wednesday! We had classe de Zona! Every first of the month we will have class of zone and every martes we will have class of district. Everytime we have zone class our district goes out for tacos after in Centro. Super Tacos ahhhh they are to die for! Wednesday was just cold cold cold (like 50 degrees) but everyone thinks that they are going to die. They all have the huge winter coats to go skiing haha. Oh to back up backin up backin up. In the morning when we were headed to class, we were stopped by a homeless man. We have helped him out before and we gave him a bag full of apples for Christmas. He wanted to talk to us so we put a cita for later in the tarde. Well, we finally found him in a unfinished house living in the dark. I barely could walk in without gagging! We bought candles and clean water and saltine crackers for the feller. We talked a little and he told us about his story. It's kinda sad! He was driving trunk before and then got robbed, and he ends up here homeless! We want to help him out but not spend too much time on him. So stay tuned to hear more about Alejandro!

Thursday wasn't as cold but just rain rain rain. In the mornings we leave the house about 11. But usually all our firm citas are in the afternoon after the comida. But today was different. Elder Vazques didnt want to leave the house because it was cold and rainy. So I promised him today would be different. And it was. We planned to go contact a guy named Simplicio. Well we did and he was at his home or I guess his hut...the same ones that Jake and Dallon and I built when we were boys, just about the same workmanship too. The difference of the house here in mexico is that it's cement! When we entered the house it was like in as like Winnie the Pooh during the rain with all the buckets and pots everywhere. There was more rain falling through the holes than things from blocking it. The lesson went well but they just didn't want to accept the gospel right then. So I felt to ask them for refrencias. Well he gave us some names of his neighbors but that was a bout it. So we said the prayer to close and then after a minute I felt like to ask one more time for a reference. He said no but then thought a little and then finally answered saying I don't remember the name of this lady, but I'll take you to her. So he did. She lived clear on the other side of the town. AND she was home! Her name is Yesenia...she was busy but asked for us to come back later in the night. We did! She IS CHOSEN!!! Well long story short she said was praying for help to be a better mom and to be a better wife and guidance the other night. So it turns out that we were answers to her prayers! Thursday was a good day. 

Friday we had interviews with our president in the stake center. It was really good and I just can feel the love that he has for me!

Saturday was a good day, and we felt successful when we could pass by all our investigators and make sure they could go to church the next day. Juan Carlos, Prexiles, Jonathan and Carlita (a family perfect, much humility! they will be baptized for sure)

Elizabeth and her mom went to church, they are new but they like to learn through the things they get online about Joseph Smith that he was married and he went with other women ha ha. They tell us like its news.

Juan (our main homie who is a little rough but he wants to change)

Alejandra, Victor, Izedro, Viatriz, a family that we are baptizing, the two Izedro and Viatriz but we are just waiting on Alejandra and Victor to get married! 

Well thats just the glimpse of what I'm actually doing and seeing here in Mexico! 

I love you all so much! You are all in my prayers. 

Elder Brett Dean Roberts

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