Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey Nerds! ( sorry mom)

Okay well this week has had it's ups and downs. Which first let me tell you the downs.
Um well it just that in our district all we have is 6 elders! Well 2 of those elders are having problems so the president is going to close the area of theirs and send them out as junior companions. It's like a little bit of a turf war within our district. Elder V and I are in the middle ground. Which is nice. It's just that I think I have been put in this district for a reason i'm like the white light in the group. No really i'm like the only white one out of them all. So the shake up this week is the downer.

Now the Good! The ups!

So this week has been a little different! Let's start in the lunes pasado. We (elder V and I) made brownies in the Casa de Hermano Rosario. Really cool family. One of my favs!! We finished and took them around to our investigators and converts! I dont know what it is with the Mexican culture but they don't show emotion very well! So that's been hard to get used to but the families were happy! (I think) haha! Then on Tuesday it was a good day because we did splits with Elder Adalma and his comp! I went with E. Adalma and I was Senior comp for the day! It was an awesome day because we convinced Juan and Prex to get married! So wahoo!! 

(brownie project)

Wednesday was a little different! umm we were going to have district class but We didn't because the APs were having a secret meeting with the ZL and DL. In the morning we were teaching Francisco "nuevo" and the esposo to a hmna that just barley got baptized. Elder V got a phone call. It turned out that the AP wanted to to splits with us! I was super nervous! It was like President going out on splits with us. Ha well Elder Larsen's comp has converts in Martinez so he wanted us to spend a day here! Elder Larsen was the old comp with Elder V so he wanted to hangout with him. I learned a lot. He said my spanish was a lot better than his was when he had the same time out as I do. So that's a confidence builder!

Made "healthy" pizzas with my main gurl Casi and Moses and his wife!

Ha umm Thursday was just a work day. We have been trying hard on make sure our Investigators are investigators for real. It's hard to drop them if they're not progressing because you develop a love for them and see how much more blessed they are if they receive the gospel. (missionary talk)

(Thumbed a ride from Manatiales to Martinez)

Friday was a marker for me. It started to get cold again! In the night one of our investigators was going out in the cold and in the rain the same time we were! So I decided to give her my thing for the rain, to have cover but before I was mad at Elder V because he was just reading a magazine about body builders while I was talking to Moses and his wife. I was helping them out washing dishes and he was just sitting there. So we left. Me without cover for the rain. I was stubborn and I walked ahead of elder V to the next visit. It started to rain and rain and RAIN!! I just kept on going and thinking. I was actually pretty sad because our day didn't get better. So while walking I said a little pray, for comfort. I felt warm inside and a desire to apologize to Elder V. So I did. I felt more love and warmth. It turned out to be a good night. Our last 2 visits turned out to be one of the most spiritual lessons even while I was dripping wet.

Well I love you guys sooo much! It sounds like all is well in the Home Front! I'm doing good - This week is a big week because I want to find a family that I can Baptize in the first week of march. For president because we have Stake conference that week and the president comes. So pray for me! Also combios are next week so it feels like the Hunger Games just before the buzzer, you never know what's going to happen!!

I love you! And I pray for every single one of you!!

Elder Roberts (big brodur)

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