Monday, January 5, 2015


Hey Lovely family!

It's kinda sad the holidays are now ending. It's back to the same ole work but this week went by just as fast as the last ha ha. 
The 31st is bigger than Christmas here in Mexico. So on New Years Eve we ate at a members house and had carne ensalada (steaks) ha ha. Oh it was sooo good with the guac and everything.

After our bellies were full we went out to set off fireworks. In Mexico they don't really have rules for fireworks. And if they did, they don't follow them! The fire works are like the huge ones from Disneyland, and they also have the one that are like a terrorist bomb and if it blows up in your hand, then you're going to be handless. Although, it has confetti inside so its pretty cool!

Yeah well, that was about it. We basically counted down the seconds in our house, just me and Elder Vazquez and it kinda felt like it went about the same as with you alone with Ronan mom. I'm sorry about the baby being in the hospital mom. I'm excited for 2015! I have a feeling that this year is going to fly by!

I really feel like our area caught on fire this past (but we didn't start the fire) ha ha! We have been really working hard with contacting people in the street and just making sure that everything we do is done with a purpose... saying that we are missionaries and that we have a message to share.

It has been hard this past couple of weeks because around the holidays everyone turns Cathlico ha. But this week we have found the light to our struggles. The other day we contacted Juan Carlos in the street. He acted really interested. He gave us directions to his house and everything. It ends up he lives in the goma of our area. It's a house built out of plywood and tin and one piece of concrete. When we came to teach the 2 youngsters were running around out side. The family was just barely starting dinner. They invited us around back of the house where they were cooking beans on an open fire. We ended up teaching them. The wife just barely had her baby, like just three weeks ago. They accepted everything. They are a young, humble family and I love them so much already. They were a blessing from God. Sunday came around and we passed by for Juan. It was raining so I was doubting that he would be wanting to come to church with us. It ends up he was sleeping and was a little embarrassed but he got up and was really humble and said sorry and then hurried and got ready. I was thinking it would be just him that would come to church, but the wife, Prexicless wanted to come also! I was really worried for her health, but she came anyway. It was really awesome Sunday! Also our marijuana dealer who was also named Juan came and the big guy came with him and they want to change. So all together we had 5 investigators in church on Sunday! So I was happy!!

It was a good way to start out the year!

Rivy! Hey Dancer Queen! I hope you are just happy and bright as ever! I love you and stay sweet, I love you more then food right after you fast!

Kallers! hey party dood it sounds like you had a good break! Work hard, stay in school, son't drop out and say hi to all your friends for me! How's your reading? I love you more then the Lamanites like to sin.

Quiny! Hey cutie, how was school? don't work too hard. It's alright to sometimes take a nap at your desk haha! I love you more then Nephi says "And it came to pass."

Canny boy!! Hey buddy I hope you are stuffed full of treats!! I love you dood more then Brother of Jared's stone collection!

Lil Ro! Get better bud!

Lauren and Wade, I wrote you guys emails.

I'm doing great guys, I miss you and think about you all the time.
Well I love you guys! I hope you are all staying warm and studying hard and making mom and dad happy!

I love you all - Elder Roberts

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