Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey mama, I'm having had a problema with the computers here at the cafe! So this week's letter is really not going to be much of a letter! I'm sorry I've got pics and everything. Right now here in Martinez, they are having Veracruz carnival so It's just loco down here!! I got your packing that just filled my heart with love! Ahh mom I can't even tell you how happy I am! 

Real quick story, umm we were teaching a lesson with an old guy and his daughter and her little son. While Elder Celaya was going on and on with his  his spill. I was playing catch with the little kid and I was making him laugh. To the point that he was losing his breath. I would scare him and then you would throw the ball at my face and I would make like the "duh" sound. It was Hilarious. The Kid couldn't stop laughing and all of a sudden w├íter started to run down his leg and he stopped laughing and looked at me with a face like "uh'oh! my mom's going to kill me!!!" Ahh it was sooooooo funny. The mom was like "Alfredo beng a ca!" and he ran to her. But his shoe was full of pee so it was like whish coosh It was funny!

I promise a bigger and the best letter next week!!

I love you mom!! Thanks so much for the package. I can feel your love mom. I'm doing great out here in the work of the lord. Last night I couldn't sleep (I just stayed up) I opened up the package!! Ahh it was everything I needed!

Laur, kill it at Hfan!! You can do it! get a cut out of me por favor  Wade, I dare you to not cut your hair until I get Home! Riv, you need to watch peter pan! Don't grow up too fast! Kal, you remind me a lot of me. Ask mom  to tell you some stories. Quinny: I miss you too sweetheart. I love you tons and love you most. Canny: The ninja in the picture is you man! It's you! Roan: goo goo gaa gaa! 

I love you soo much!!


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