Monday, February 23, 2015


Okay Hey guys!!

Its Brett here! Wow what a week of up and downs side ways al otra lados I guess all the ways... That's pretty much how my week went. It sounds like Utah is going to become the saudi desert. But that's good that everyone is great and crazy. It was fun looking at all the videos mom sent and how goofy the family is. I kinda forgot! Mom, when you were describing Ro in your dream, you were describing perfectly how some of the dogs here look like. Really though, there our some dogs that could be qualified as exotic animals. I'm not kidding. HAha

(the well I dropped my phone in)

My two fav girls here in martinez!

 la rosa de guadalupe! 

Well our area is doing great, plaza Verde 2! I don't know what happened and what changed but it has caught on fire and I really cant put it out! We have been finding families left and right. For example: We found a nice pretty lady named Marisol who has 3 kids. Accepted everything, loves the church and will for sure get baptized! It's just the maldito casarse (*translates to damn wedding). Everyone here just likes to live rules free!! We have 3 families right now that we need to get married before we baptize them! Alejandra y Jaun (the mom and dad to Izidro and Veatriz) Jaun has something in his head that he thinks his wife needs to ask the hand of his mom to be married. And his mom lives in La Goma Puebla. So this week they are going to Puebla so cross your fingers that everything with go smooth with them. Really great family!

Lunch with the Pope!
Umm my homie ELder Marin

Marisol loves the church last night we were talking to her husband in the little shack of a house with the tin and bottle caps nailed in the keep the house together. They have their mattress together and cook in the corner. Really humble at heart. Her husband works everyday and gets home late every night. Well yesterday we went to talk to him. In my mind when I was thinking of what he looked like, I imagined a cholo.. shaved head, mustache, tattooed arms. And figured he hates the mormons. Well I was right on some of the parts. He does have tattoos but he's actually pretty cool with us. He didn't accept the gospel as fast as Marisol, but Marisol was putting him in his place saying "well maybe I should be the example and get baptized first and then he'll see the change in me and his daughters he'll want to get baptized." Ha ha She has a greater testimony then a lot of the members here! 

Fransico is the boyfriend of a member. He is really funny and really kinda crude. My comp like to correct him but I just laugh!! Hell get baptized for sure!!

So we need 3 marriages right away! you can call this Mission Impossible. Or Top Gun and I'll call myself Tom Cruise and my comp is my wing man, Goose.

Umm I really have seen that service softens the heart of the people. It makes us a lot more accepted to the people than just knocking doors. For example, we were walking and out of the corner of my I I see an old man carrying this piece of tin above his back (rolled up into a tube) well Goose and I helped him out. He's named Gilberto... 80 years old and still works his guts out just to pay for those tortillas. Haha well we got to his house and with the tin he invited us in to his house. Check! Well after a little bit of talking we found out that He and His wife have 11 kids and the youngest still lives with them Miguel Angel. His wife is a weird name Aranjua.  They accepted everything...It was a little hard at first because the Aranjua was healed by the town priest so they weren't to easy to convince. But in the end they all accepted. I was laughing because Gilberto and Aranjua were funny. They would both talk at the same time and talk over each other basically just said the same things but just in different words. They remind me of the old couple off of the Princess Bride. 
Well we came back the next morning, which was a blessing because Aranjua had breakfast all made for us. (my long lost grandma Mexico form!) She was like "Hermanos, eat eat don't be shy eat!" She's awesome!!

                                                                       white and nerdy

Well I'm going great I promise. A little struggle here and there, and now and then. My comp is from Sonora the boarder of Arizona. So he's almost American but not quite so he has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. So he always gets on the subject with the investigators about how bad America is. And what ever. Don't worry, i can deal.

Ha I love you Guys. I don't know if it's the same for you guys but the time is going fast! A little too fast. I'm doing good on my Spanish. I just wished that I could speak it perfectly and convert everyone I see. But God doesn't work like that. Everyone has their chance to accept or not. You can take a horse to water, but you cant make the horse drink. They have to have the thirst like Marisol!

I love you guys sooooooo much

Brett ( El Gringo De Martinez de la torre)  

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