Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey family!!!

I hope everything is good in the hood!!

It sounds like school is passing by fast and everyone has their gimmick or hobbies! And that's great! Keep up the work team! Keep watching out for each other and don't be too hard on los padres! I want to get back with them not having too many grey hairs.

Well the training with Elder Duran is actually really fun! My comp is pretty awesome! He knows a lot so he helps me in those times when I really don't! I feel like master wishu in Karate Kid! I sing the song from Mulan every morning "Somehow I'll make a man out of you" ha ha it's great!

Well this week the scripture rang true to my ears. Saying "many are called but few are chosen" "muchos son llamados y poco son escojidos"

Elder Duran and I really put fire to the stones this week. We found 2 families Saul y Rosalba. They have five kids! Two of them have their husbands so a huge family! It was awesome. We had a lesson like a family Neves or family Roberts gathering. With all the kids and the parents. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It was one of the best lessons i've ever had! Well Saul and Rosalba are for sure getting baptized! But i'm not sure about their kids!!

 (even the cows don't want to listen)

(A great member family) 

(Helping get water at an investigator's house)

 (we dunked our heads in the well for three minutes. seconds later, our hair was dry.) 

 (throwing blocks at the Bishop's house. I got my work out for the day)

The week kept going strong and we found like two new families about everyday! So it was awesome! We found a old guy who smells like really strong aftershave and he combs his hair to the side and he is surprisingly not crazy! He's one of a kind here in Mexico! But he loves me! He doesn't want to listen to anyone else but me. Like when my comp tries to talk, he talks right over him directing questions a mi. He gave me a name Espanol Roberto!

Then sunday came.

So when we went around Sunday morning to pick up our investigators they all were going to chill at the Carnival! So it was pretty sad. Well this weekend Martinez they have a Carnival when everyone drinks and goes crazy (back story). We even passed by with one families who are really cool but were just not ready. But they invited us to drink Pineapple with beer. He like used a weird name that I didn't recognize. So I was like ya why not. But my comp told me what it was. Good thing we didnt drink it or I would be ariving to church drunk!! ha But Saul and his family came so that was great!!

One of the scariest things happened to me yesterday! Well after church, we went to the house of Marisol to ask why she didn't go to church. When we got there, we knocked. She came out the side of the house and looked like she's been crying. She said it wasn't a good time for us to come and told us that we should come back tomorrow. Well their house is made of tin and in through the wall I could hear her husband yelling. Well the hermano told me to come in the house to talk to me. I ignored him. He finally came out side yelling at me, having a little trouble walking. Obviously drunk, but still fiesty. He had his shirt off. He about the same height as me but more thick. His body was covered in tattoos. So he came around to the front of his house with his finger pointed saying "I want to talk with Tu" He said he only wants to talk with me. Just me. I was kinda freaking out. Well I couldn't help myself but I said something. My comp was giving me looks like i'm crazy. But I took a step forward and said that he doesn't see fear in my eyes that's why I don't want to talk to him.

Well long story short. I got him to calm down. I even got him to tear up. He we are going to teach them today! Hopefully he hasn't been drinkin. 

I've got to go but I love you guys!!

Elder Roberts

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