Monday, March 23, 2015


Well family, 
It feels like a lot of time since I've written you guys! Ha ha everything is Pertner Perfect. LAst week I went to the mission home in Xalapa to pick up my kid. Well my "kid" Elder Duran or Duran Duran or Kevin Duran how ever you want it...he is awesome he's from Guatemala. He really reminds me of the guy that Michael hates from The Office, umm I don't remember his name. But Duran talks like that guy and is a little slow going like him. Ha ha I'm a little overwhelmed to be training him. I really don't know what the President was thinking. It will be a great chance for me to learn more. I'm really excited also that i'm going to stay a little longer in my home Plaza Verde.

Last week I'm happy to say goodbye to E. Celaya he's a good guy when he's a way from me ha ha. I'll kinda miss my little arm rester. Well we baptized Francisco. I'm a little bummed because he is actually a really cool guy but it's just that he was more like a number then a convert because I didn't have much time with him. So I'll be passing by a little more time with him to make sure he is converted. Francisco is really funny, really sarcastic which hardly any of the mexicans understand.  

 I've been thinking a lot lately. I'm coming up on my 9 month mark! It really kinda puts a slug in my gut. To look back and see if I really disfruted those moments that I've had and if I'm doing all that I can to be a great missionary.
Umm this week...well Monday of last week I went to Xalapa to pick up my kid. It was a cool experience because I rode the bus ride alone. And then when I got there no one was in the terminal to pick me up. So I took the opportunity to eat alone and think. Then I took a taxi to the mission office. We spent the whole day there and they talked to us and everything and got a little red carpet treatment. They fed us and it was actually pretty awesome! Oh and we watched "Meet the Mormons" I'm surprised that it didn't get an Oscar! 

We left Tuesday morning and got home and just started to work. Well this week was great, It was just a little hard to find new people to teach. Right now we have Marisol- we baptized her kids Sunday (yesterday) but she can't get baptized yet because her husband doesn't want to get married. We found a new family though...their life is like Job in the Bible because they have been married (Casados) for 14 years but they just barely were able to have a baby. So it was so cool that we were able to teach them the plan of salvacion. All while I was teaching, the husband kept saying to his wife "this is truth, this is truth!"

I'm doing great. I really know that God gives men 2 chances in this life, I found my wallet!!! Someone turned it in to the police. The money wasn't there but all the cards and everything were still there!!!!

I love you Mom Dad Laur Wade Riv Kal Quin Canny Ro Ro oh and happy birthday Bolt!!

The church Is true.
Elder ROberts

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