Monday, March 2, 2015


*NOTE: We did not receive a letter from Brett last week or this week. He sent a small note just today saying he was actually sent to Xalapa (six hours away) to be a trainer. And that's literally all he said. So next week we're hoping for just a few more details - if not, I'm getting on a plane ;)
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March 2nd 2015

Well family i'm just sitting here at my computer sucking on coconut juice. And really disfrutando my missión.  Today we went as a district to see the waterfalls in Talpacoya. Wow they were so amazing! It was like the Indiana Jones movies mixed with Avatar mixed with Suits on the Loose! Ha ha - It really was one of the most naturally pretty places I've ever seen. It was an awesome thing to kick off my week.

Well this week kinda pushed me to put my game face on. We have two marriages planned for this week. And by the skin of our teeth and crossing our fingers and praying like crazy for me and my comp, everything will turn out fine. 

Okay i'm going to lose my temper... well when? RIGHT NOW!!! ha ha

This is so frustrating! To get some one married here, you need the license and the birth papers and they have to be 18 or older and if they don't have kids, you have to bring all these hospital documents. Well here is Plaza Verde, they are hard workers when in the field and cutting oranges...but to get married, they'd just rather not bother with it. They are making us do it ourselves.

Ha ha well this family we are working with, Alejandra and Juan... they had just a few problems. Juan is from Puebla and he just has a copy of his license because he lost the original and his birth paper isn't certificado (every year you have to get it checked) well he hasn't for 15 years! So to get this all fixed, he has to go to Puebla to pick up the papers. And to get a new license, he has to wait until after the votes which is at the end of July! So the odds were really against us. Oh and it didn't help that Juan was being a mommy's boy saying that he has to go to his home in Puebla and ask for permission from his mom (well that's actually not a bad thing right mom?) but anyway he had a lot of excuses. 

Well on thursday we went to their house really late in the night. Probably a little too late. The family was all awake actually! It kinda felt like they were just waiting for us. We ended up talking to them and really working through their concerns. Juan put his big boy pants on and said well you guys are doing nice things for us, so yeah, why not! Let's get married!

So check that, we got the permission of Juan. We all went to the registro on Friday. My comp didn't want to talk to the clerk. He's a little afraid of rejection so I mustered up the strength to ask for what we needed. Well I pulled a mom and did all her tricks and jigs. Well we were blessed because everything passed without a problem. 

So bring on the doves and start the organ because we are going to have a marriage and a baptism!!

I'm learning a lot and growing and figuring things out. One thing that I'm learning is the art of making decisions. When a decision needs to be made, you make it just go for it and make it work no matter the problems you face. People usually like someone to lead out. 
So when making decisions just go for it don't doubt, just do it.

I love you guys!! 

This week is so busy.
I'm doing great. 

Love you Elder Brett

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