Monday, May 11, 2015


Hey Mama!

Ahh it was sooo great seeing you guys yesterday!! I loved every little second! 

(my favorite taco stand)

Well this week as district Leader I have to go do splits with the other Elders that aren't working very well! Well I went with E. Quintana a huge guy that has 26 years! He was in the army before the mish! But we had a great time spending together. He's a little slow going, but I love the guy! We went to contact someone (Carlos) and we had a great lesson. We ended with a prayer and we always have the Investigator finish. So after when we were leaving and we got around the corner, Elder Quintana started to cry - He totally broke down and cried! It was a cool moment... He said he never felt the spirit that strong in a lesson! A big great guy like the size of uncle Wes crying in the middle of the street!

(the big friendly giant)

It was great to see every single one of you!! I was walking one day! And this kid from across the street! I yelled buenas tardes and the kid pointed at himself looking as if there was anyone else around and realized I was waving at him! It put a big smile on his face and it looked like he walked a little more happier. I'll testify of the power at just waving and being sincere and friendly with someone, it makes their whole day!

This week was awesome to see you guys I got to baptize and see mi madre so it was an amazing day Yesterday!!

Laurie!! Hey do cool date! Give boys Ideas also have a little notebook that you can just write down all your crazy Ideas down what ever you think of put it down In that little book!

Wadey!! Do you remember that X box game that we had Top spin!! Ya your living it right now! I'm sooo Impressed that you are so talented!! Don't forget that God gave you theses talents for a reason!

Rivey! Dancing Queen! Little words of advice: do grow up to fast!! You'll look back and ask were the time went!! Watch the movie going 30 or something like that!

Kallers! You are such a good kid!! I love you you should find things that you love like learn how to play the piano! Or  throw the ball in the air and hit it with bat! Use your time to be active

Quinny!! Don't lose your humor It keeps me going here in the mish!! I love you sooo much! more than Frozen 
t- shirts that I see here in one day!

Can Can! I love you dude!! Find your inner peace and you will be come a better Ninja!! Question? If a pickle was to shave who would take out the garbage? I want an answer by next monday!

Ro-- Lose some weight use some of those vIdeos of that exercise guy! (billy blanks Tae-bo)

Mom I love you sooo much! There isn't a day that doesn't go by when I don't think about you!

Dad-- You're such a great example for me! I love you.

 (crossing the river of death)

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