Friday, August 15, 2014


AUGUST 14th 2014

**I wrote to Brett just before he was to fly out to Mexico and asked him if he wanted us to meet him at the airport for a quick goodbye since he would be flying out by himself, he wrote the following;

Hey mom, my brain is telling me yes, let's do it! But I don't think I could take it...maybe just you and Dad...ahhh I don't know! It's such a hard decision. I want to hug all of you, but I seriously don't think I could take it. I know I'll regret not seeing you guys but I'm wrestling in my mind and I feel like even calling you might be rough. I wake up on Monday early and have to be ready to go on the bus at 4:30, and arrive in SLC at 5:30. My flight leaves at 8:37 I think then I head to Arizona, then to Mexico City and then to Veracruz and then a bus to Xalapa. Don't take this as like I put you guys out of my head, but I actually kinda have to. I want to see all the smiles on your faces and see and hear the words from  your own mouths. I want to see Quincy's curly long locks of hair and Canyon running around the airport in his batman cape and I want to grab Kal and give him the biggest hug I can because I really didn't do it that often before. I want to have Lauren put me on her snapchat story but mainly just touch a phone because I haven't updated something or scrolled through a touch screen just for fun for 6 weeks. I want to kneel down to eye level and amuse all of River's stories face to face and see if any of her teeth have grown in. I would love to see you guys and I probably wouldn't be mad or sad if you guys showed up, but to have you come just wouldn't be a good idea. To hear it coming from me I would like to stick with just the phone call. I love you,  Elder Brett      

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  1. Lox and I love this picture of Brett chillin on the couch w the Book of Mormon