Tuesday, August 19, 2014


AUGUST 19th 2014

Hey Family!! Everything here is doing great.

Last night I slept with the Zone leaders in Xalapa! It's truly Gods country! sooo colorful and beautiful! Really humid! We left from Mexico City got in like a 12 seater plane it had propellers! so that was awesome!! Right when we got off the humidity hit me I felt like i'd been sweating for days!! And they say Xalapa is the coldest in the mission. Today will be training! I will also be bussed to where im going and then also find out who my trainer is. It will most likely be a Mexicano! I can't understand anything. Everyone talks soooo fast!! I had trouble ordering my subway sandwich before in english, think about doing it in Spanish! but I love it here everything is going soo great Wednesday will be when I start the work! On mondays will be my pday!
The drivers here are loco on the roads they fit as many wide sometimes three rows of cars with motos in el middle! I love President Gree, really great guy!! They picked us up from the Veracruz aportadera! Then ate and then met the missionaries that I was going to sleep with!! woot it was a very long day of travel! everthing is great though!!
I've got to go but I know this is the place where i'm supposed to be!!

with love
Elder Roberts ( future mexicano)

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