Monday, August 25, 2014


AUGUST 25th, 2014
Hey Madre y Padre y Mi familia!!

Olé Everything is doing swell here in mexico! Well as good as it can be.
Mind my errors everything is wrong because it's not in spanish. I love hearing about everyone. How's Jake? I was wondering if I was the only one having struggles. I worry about him and I pray for him everyday! I'll escribo a quick letter.
The mission field is hard, there has not been one day that I havent thought about you all individualy and what you're doing right this moment. Especialice durante lecciones. I have a lot of time in my head thinking about things while my Comp Elder Hernandez takes the wheel and directs the lessons. I'm getting better at throwing bits and pieces in here and there but even with my broken espanol Elder Hernandez has to translate and explain what I mean. Really chill! He will be my comp for 12 weeks! 
So right when I stepped off the plane in Veracruz the humidity hit me, it felt like I carrying the world! President and Sister Greer are super chill. President Greer says all the jokes some on the iffy and Hermana Greer always hits him and says "president ahhh." First day they picked us up and we stopped by and ate at subway at the airport after that went and slept at the house of his assistants! I was beat so I went straight to bed it was so hot (the fan is your saving grace in this mission) 
The 2nd day went to training where we had a little orientation of what's going on. It was not boring except it was all in spanish. Me and this other elder were the only ones that were called to Xalapa- Except there is a handful of mexicano Elders and Hermans! I got my comp and my area (my comp speaks decent english and likes to work hard pero likes to rely on members alot) My area is Posta Rica, hottest place in the mission! 6 hours away from Xalapa! After the orientation we had food that hermana Greer cooked, really good. In the Morning I took a bus there on the 3rd day ( I got food poisoning from Subway and threw up on the bus but I haven't gotten sick since) 

Mexico is a weird place! The drivers are soo crazy, taxis everywhere and people in the streets, people living in the streets. Finally I got to our house. Its pretty bad. The house at grandpa's shop is nicer, but i'm not complaining. The bathrooms smell like the honey buckets at the Fair. Cold showers and hand washing dishes- a good place for turning me into a house wife. 

The food is not too bad. Its like Taco Bell but more authentic! We eat at a members house everyday. My first meal we had this corn soup that looked really good but was really watered down! My sunday dinner was the best (frijoles, tortita, some meat, really good) Oh I tried this taco called GRINGO a vender sold it off the street really rico sooo good!! 

I forgot my blueberries for Mexico! (Fantastic Mr. Fox reference) There are dogs everywhere! 

Everyone has dogs or if you didn't you could grab one of the street and claim it as yours. 
Have you seen those Gatorade commercials where they are bent over with sweat running off their face? Well that's what its like here, you walk a little and you start sweating! I dont think i've felt dry once since I stepped of the bus. It's cooler more in Xalapa but here it's crazy hot! 

Oh we taught a lesson at the Springville dump! Really cool though. There is this family that we are baptizing on Sunday that basically have tarps set up for their house and the husband (Hermano Lopez) collects garbage for a living. This family basically has nothing but they are still so happy! I think we are going to play the Don't Eat Pete game for family home evening!

I love you all thanks for the prayers! The living is hard and everything about it here is by the sweat of my brow! But I know i'm supposed to be out here for a reason - I'm not sure yet but it will come in time!

Hey Laur: how are the football games? Have you been asked to Homecoming yet?

Wadie Boy: You need to be the hard-to-get guy! haha Have you raided my closet yet?

Rivey J: I'm teaching this family with a daughter that reminds me of you! but really no one can compare with you!

Kallers: Tell me some of your new hobbies? Are you reading any books?

Quiny Quiny: there are a lot of mexicans here that are "gettin kinda chubby"

Canny Boy: I love you bro! don't grow up okay?

Dad: Thanks for the letter it helped me out I think about you all time saying to myself, okay what would Dad do?

Mommers: I love you so much. Miss you and sometimes I want to give you the biggest hug because I didnt take advantage of it when I could! It's been difficult mom, but I think of the new baby everyday. 

I love you all and pray for you everyday!!!

With love Elder Roberts
( American at Heart)

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