Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey Guys!!

Well I'm back on the half workin keyboard in a hot stuffy room. And with a señor next to me watching the latest Nova (sopa opera). I hope everything is going great with my little fam and I hope this week you guys will be able to eat as much pavo and pie de callabasa your stomachs can handle.
This week was awesome in so many ways! Well Elder Vazquez is chill, I like him but I think he gets tired of me asking what this is or what that is. Sometimes when I talk he'll just zone out. I feel a little bit like Ponga. It's the same thing during our lessons this week, I've felt the most segregated I've ever felt, kinda almost like a minority, but not to that extreme. I just feel like i'm treated dumb. Just a little bit. So lately I've been really working hard on my accent. I'm halfway finished with The Book of Mormon in spanish!! Wahoo!
So here in Mexico if you have a job to do, you don't just wait around for someone to do it - you do it yourself. For example we just finished a lesson with an inactive family. We were saying our goodbyes when this old lady passed us, dripping in sweat, passing us pushing a wheel barrow full of rocks! I just almost walked passed her. 
Then I stopped and we ending up helping her and the load was about 60 pounds and the lady was about 70 years old and lived about a mile away. Crazy loca. Long story short we were able to help her and she invited us to eat. She was really humble and she gave us some rice con leche... and this soggy bread - it was dripping in my hand, it was so bad. I ate it anyway. We were able to teach the family. They promised to go to church and everything the next day. But they didn't. It is a really hard feeling but you get over it quickly.

Another instance...all our morning our citas fell through. So we were on the corner thinking of what to do. I looked across the street to see a 65 year old guy about the size of Wade just skin and bones doing the tree work that something Dad would do. I felt prompted to go help him. We did and once we finished chopping up the branches and hauling the wood to his house. He (Faustino) was interested in what we had to offer. I barely started to speak when he started to tear up... His story was that he lost everything because of his problems with drinking. We weren't able to teach a full lesson but he promised he would go to church the next day. Well when we passed by at 9 he was all ready to go - clean shaved and everything! Hahah It was Awesome!! Future baptism hopefully.

Well this is all that I got for you this week I love you all so very much! 
You guys are the reasons that keep me goin!

With Love Elder Roberts

Estaban una manzaña y una perra en la termina de autobuses y la manzaña le pregunta a la perra ¿usted de se cuando espera? y ahora y la perra responde ¡yo siempre he sido es perra! 

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