Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey Family that I love so very much!!

    Well this week wasn't the greatest with the #´s but I've had the greatest adventures! Honestly Finn in Adventure Time would be jealous. Okay, Monday and Tuesday was same ole, same ole. Well Tuesday at district class we had a surprise visit from the Assistants and they did a little seminar kinda deal. Once they were done talking they had me do a practice teaching. After everyone complimented me on my teaching and Spanish and kept asking how much time have I had in the mish! So that was a boost to my confidence. Later tuesday night we found out that our luz bill was never paid so we didn't have lights (usually the mission home covers it for us but this time they had a mix up) So to not get frustrated the comp and I told ghost stories - it was a pretty hot night I hardly slept!
Wednesday... found out we still didn't have any luz.
Thursday... We woke up to a phone call from the zone leaders saying that we were going to have intervistas (interviews) with President! Yikes! We still didn't have any electricity. It was 6:30 and our Pres was coming at 10:30 and sorry mom but our house was a mess. So we didn't have any light to clean, any water, or we weren't able to iron our clothes. All the ice in the fridge had melted and made a mess. Oh it was like straight off of "The Best 2 Years " Long story short, about a half hour before prezzy came we had light and were able to clean up nice and put smiles on President Greer's face. The Interview was pretty awesome, I learned a lot.


Friday (Halloween)... I really wanted to do something cool like dress up or something so the best I could come up with, without breaking mission rules is switching mine and Elder Ortiz name badges. But at lunch I turned out to be a missionary zombie tambien. We were have la comida and a kid was trying to get this red chile out that was in some plastic. Like the ranch packets at Wendys. It wouldn't come out so he decided to put it in his palm and with his other hand clap down. Yeah that didn't work out so well either. It didn't go anywhere except on my shirt!! haha it was pretty funny the kid and the mom felt really embarrassed. That was Friday.

Saturday, in the morning it was about the same work day... and then about 2 we were headed to the comida. But it we were in llomas and the comida was in Vicent Herrara. Like spanish fork canyon to provo canyon. We asked if there was a road that we could take to cut through the jungle, people confirmed that there was. So we took it, and in the end we got lost for like 40 minutes and found a guy that was startled to see two people in white shirts hiking in the jungle. His dog chased me down and bit me on the leg and tore my pants the little twerp. Finally after hitchhiking and taking a few other roads we got to the food looking like a bunch of beat up missionaries haha. I don't know why we were in such a hurry. It was soup with basically the whole chicken in it. I ate a heart and liver and stuff i'm not even sure what it was. The sweet old lady bless her heart, kept giving more and after three bowls the comp saved me and said "hermana we cant eat anymore." After that we had Conference in the Estaca (stake). That pretty much finishes Saturday and Sunday...

Today we got permission from the Prez as a district to go to TAJIN!!!!!! Woot!
It's like some ancient ruins - really really cool! Ahh it was so awesome!!

I'll tell more next week. I love you all, it sounds like the baby is doing fine and you are all doing great. I pray for you all every night! I'm doing swell here, the comp is great, the work is good, I have a lot of room to grow and it's flying by!

With love, 
Elder Brett Dean Roberts
Tune Raider

Roaning; welcome to the big world little bud you have been born into a perfect family!!
Take care of them for me!!

Love you buddy

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