Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey Family!! 
Just sitting here munchin on a chile sucker and glad that this cyber has a roof! Because its been practically raining and overcast for the past week. This weeks been long but I'm a happy Elder Here in Martinez!!
Monday of last week I said goodbye to all my investigators and new converts. And had a quick little goodbye party with Elder Ortiz. Then I stayed up until 1 just packing. It felt surreal that I was leaving my house again. I really enjoyed where things were going. So thats that.

...In the morning we headed to ADO "siempre primero" (Their busses are kinda like the ones you take to go to lagoon. its what the missionaries take to get from place to place....) I feel a little dirty when we take these because they play movies. So you try to not watch and read your scriptures, or sleep or talk to the person next to you, but in the end you end up watching. Well this time they played The movie Robo cop and a movie about Princess Diana. Ha ha It was 3 hours from Poza Rica to Martinez. I finally met up with the new comp, Elder Vasquez! Pretty much all of Tuesday he just showed me around the area and all. Our house is like a pent house for the drug dealers - really nice and really big. Oh the best part is we have a laundry machine. Woot! WOot! 

(cold morning studies)

The next day was we had zone class in the morning, after that we went as a district to go grab some tortas and tacos. Umm I'm a little intimidated because everyone in my district is Latino. I'm the only one that can speak English. (I don't know if the Pres did that on purpose) But really they are all pretty chill. After that we headed back to our area in placé verde 2. It's a lot smaller then my area in Petromex, more kinda like a Pueblo, a lot of humble, salt of the earth people. In the night it reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland when Kal yelled over to the diners "hey lady! yah you with the beard!" ha ha that scene with the guy on his porch and the fire flies - it's kinda how it is where i'm at. Just peaceful and nice. I'm about 30 minutes from centro in Martinez, but I really like it. Everyone either calls me "quedo" or "gringo..." It's fine by me because it's an easy ice breaker to start a conversations. We don't have a church that we meet in, it's a "casa de oracion" It's still a ward but we just don't have enough Priesthood to have the church build a church.

(Me and Elder Vasquez after the rain)

Elder Vazquez has a lot of time in the mission (esta buen muerto) he has 6 mesas left. He has a couple problems with his comps before and he really never has had the chance to be a Senior comp. So i'm one of the first. But honestly the first time I met him I knew we were going to be great friends. He is a little frito, and he has an awesome attitude and he makes me feel good! I'm pumped for this Cambio. He really didn't have a lot of dates when I came, so this week and last week we've been doing a bunch of contacting. 

This past week it's been freezing cold! I've had to break out the sweaters and put on that Ralph Lauren shirt on under my white shirts. It's the worst to wake up in the morning and it takes a whole lot of coaxing to get out of the warm bed and take a shower. We have no hot water at all so it's like turning the nob in the shower at home all the way to cold and lather up without hot water. I dare you to try it!

These were the Musas ( flirts) that we were teaching in my last area! They were all crying when I told them that I was leaving! hah super funny they all promised me that they will wait for me to go through the temple. 

Well I have a lot to say and I'm not great with words to really describe the world that I'm in right now! but just know I'm a happy Elder here In Martinez!

Keep safe, I love you all!! So very much! Pray for you and think about you all as I drift off to sleep each night.

With all the love from your half Mexican Bro

              Elder Brett Roberts.

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