Monday, November 10, 2014


Heyyyy Family!!!
It sounds like you all are happy and doing well!! I hope you're all loving little Ro-Ro. Well I'm still getting tan here in November. It is starting to cool down but I can still be going to bed with out my covers and be just fine. It was funny this week I woke up scared to death. I had a dream that I was headed home and I was so sad that I didn't learn Spanish...I kept asking where did the time go!?!

I've never been so happy to wake up with the fan blowing in my face and look over to see my companion doing his weird morning rituals.

    Well this week I really do qualify my best week in the whole cambio and probably my most fav in my whole mish. On wednesday I received a cool tie from Jakers and a letter!... Air mail too it was so cool! It was fun to get a package but I really loved the letter! Jake really is a guys best friend. I am a little bummed this Cambio that we didn't baptize anyone. But I was praying hard because this has been one of the hardest months and a half I've probably ever had in my life. I know God gave me a gift on the last day of the change!
Pues on was a ruff day here in the mish. Prezzy is really pushing hard to have us talk to everyone. We are recommended to not knock on doors, so we just do a bunch of street contacting.

Well when Elder Ortiz and I were walking. We walked past this kid (Elewin) just staring at the water. I thought in my mind talk to him. I said no. We were really late with our other cita. But the thought came again so I did. I joked with him saying "wow bonita agua" the little creek was just all backed up with garbage and everything. The kid laughed. We broke the ice and talked a little more. He liked us and wanted us to pass by the next day. So we did end up teaching his grandma, his friend, his sister, and him. When we were finishing up the lesson on the porch of the house the mom came home. She looked at us and started to cry. Ends up she was a member of our church a while ago.

We planned to come back on Saturday. The next day came back. No one was home except the grandma and she didn't like us (straight Catholic through and through) but for some reason she invited us to sit down on her porch. We talked for awhile. The whole time I was thinking "why are we here...?" So we got up to leave and just then the family showed up... Long story short we were able to teach them in the house Everyone accepted to be baptized! But the grandma straight up said "no, I'm catholic"  (so 7 in total!) probably the best lesson I've ever had. Oh it was such an amazing feeling! 
The next day was Sunday... Reality hit when only the wife and the friend of the family ended up going to church. But it was fast sunday. I sat by the mom.

I had a thought go in my head have jacinta (the member mom) bear her testimony... I asked her but she was uneasy about it. I asked her again she said next time. So right when the Obisbo got up to end it. I asked her again... SHE said YES! So we walked up and I was eyeing the Obisbo and he sat down and the Hermana bore her testimony Oh family, it was so Awesome!

Well today I found out that i'm getting CHANGED! Like what!?

Yeah I cried a little. I found out i'm headed to Martinez! I'm going to miss that family that I love, I'll miss Elder Ortiz, my converts and stinky ole Petromex. But I guess I've done all that I could do here in Petromex and the Lord wants me to move out!! Change is good-  i'm just a little nervous is all.

I was starting to call this place home! 

I love you all! Guys.

 God really is there!!

There is this guy with like a organ piano player, he plays uncle rico music every morning right by our house.
Its great!! I'm going to miss that too!

Te amo-    Roberts..... Elder Roberts

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