Monday, December 22, 2014


HI fam, this will be short because I get to talk to you in just a few days! It sounds like everything went well with River's dancing and Kal's singing Quincy's boyfriend sitch and Canny's practicing his ninja moves ha!

I'm so pumped to be able to talk to you guys this Thursday! wahooo! Write questions down because I am so ready to respuesta su preguntas. 

I'm hoping that Santa will come to my house but we will see! Sometimes he doesn't get this far south. haha I love you guys, I hope you're good so you don't get coal.  And Waders, ask Blinky to give you silky pj's- they are the best! ha

Well I love you all so much

Elder Roberts ( best friends with rudolfo)


¨Pic with Elder Nordy He my ZL super chill

The ward Plaza verde gave us gifts it was actually pretty nifty. Socks and a new tie Booyeah. 

All the missionaries in the stake of Martinez. 

(In Veracruz they put their trees outside. A house of one of our investigators)

The fiesta posada for our branch!

(My fav family. Hermano Pelone and his daughters)

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