Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey Family!

Well it was awesome talking to you guys on Christmas! It's crazy just how much so much has changed in just a little amount of time. It really felt like a dream talking to you guys. There was a lot more things we could've talked about...I really just got caught in the moment! haha

(This letter is going to be more of a journal entry que nada) Really this Year 2014 has been probably the biggest year I'll have in all of my life. I got called to serve in Mexico, Graduated Highschool, left everything behind to go on my mission, had my first Holidays away from home. I really feel like I've done it all. But when I look back on it and if Father Time gave me another chance to live it again, I totally would! Just because of the things I've learned since I left and this year I gained so much knowledge that I have received here on the mish, I could do it so much better now. I could say one theme that would go well with this year would be "Live in the moment!" A regret that I have is that I let things come and go without too much thought or care. High School treated me well, but I really wish I would've taken more pics, fought less with the parents and took more opportunities. Laur and Wade, don't get caught up in the drama or stress. Live in the moment. I remember when I got my call, that day I was angry with mom for no reason. At the time I felt nervous and I didn't want to grow up. I had my future in my hands. Now here we are kicking 2014 away and opening the door to 2015. 
  My first night in the MTC I knelt down to say a prayer for you guys for the spirit, so forth so forth. But one thing that I asked for is for the chance to remember these times that I have and not to have it all go by so fast. Well ha ha I don't think I've recieved my answer yet! It's sad I'm kinda now a viajito (old man). Another thing I've learned here on the mish is that you are only new once. I'm kinda now to the point where the mish is still new but I really don't get the benefits of being the new guy. There is no going back. 

I'm excited for what 2015 has for me and for you! Hopefully she teaches me life lessons and blesses me with Baptisms. It's kinda crazy because I was planning during my young primary life that in the year 2015 it would be the year of me going on a mission. I still remember singing that song, loudest one in my class ha ha. I remember thinking that It would never get here. ha It's funny how time flies. It just seems like yesterday Laur and I were play Crash Bandit in the Lake Shore house. Or mom was singing Disney songs to make us go to sleep and jumping on the bed! Or taking you all to Peteetneet and Wade and Kal almost breaking their necks on the huge jump! Soon we will be all in at home with our own families in the family living room with the whole family there laughing and watching my kids grab the toys and hit Lauren's dog in the face! Those will be good days to be looking forward to. But live in the moment! Dad would always say!
   I love you guys! I'm going on my six month mark! I feel better then ever. I've found that same desire to share the gospel as Enos did when he knelt and prayed! 

We will take what ever you have for us 2015!! 

With love-
Elder Roberts (don't forget me Jimmy)

(Taking the Ado in to Teziutland) 

(made cookies! wahoo, they turned out great!)

(I found this melon in the street and thought it would be like a water melon. but I guess not, it tasted gross!) 

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