Monday, December 8, 2014


Hey Mom! I got the package! All the elders were teasing me that it was a flat screen TV. I'm going to wait till Christmas to open it! woot woot! 

Hey Family!!
 Well Really the Christmas season has really begun. The coke bottles have changed their labels and the people are more cheery, and the elders are trunky. Yeah it's Christmas time alright. It's funny though, the weather is perfect. It still feels like it's the end of August or something. Like I could go hit the pool right now and It would be awesome! I've been praying for snow here in Mexico but I'm thinking it won't happen. It sounds like everything is going good on the home front. Baby blessing, Christmas Parties, it sounds like everything is going great.

Well lately I've felt like the minority here in Plaza Verde, Martinez. I'm the only American for 50 miles. But I enjoy it. My Spanish is coming along I just have to work on my accent. For example we will be walking in the street. And people call us guedos. Blue eyed, white guys. They think gringo is offensive. like NEGRO. Or I'll have kids in broken English be like "wazz yoo name" ha ha I'll use times like these to break the ice and contact them. So I guess there is a benefit to everything.

  Well here in Veracruz everyone has a problem with the idea of getting married. They think that just living together is enough and when they want to get separated they separate. So every time we find families we have to get them married to get them baptized. Well last monday we found a family through a reference of a member. When we walked in to the house it was like already a Mormon house. They had family photos idk it was just a good feeling. Well long story short, they have 3 kids, they both work but not on Sundays and they have been married for 6 years. Perfect family!! future baptism.

    On Wednesday we had like a ward family home evening. We invited different families to the house of the bishop. Elder Vazques y Yo did an object lesson of a egg and the family had to create a protection to keep safe the egg. It was really fun. After we had this sugar cane tea, and tortas it was a good night. Well after we were talking about a phrase and they were teaching me of what is cool to say. So I started to saying them and I said 
"que tal animal" to the bishop. Everyone suddenly went quite. And then they all laughed. It turned out to be a strong word that you would only say to the people that you have confidence in or that are romantic with. 
Haaha funny right.

    Another awkward moment. From the phrases that I've learned durning the noche hogar. On saturday we went to one of our investigators house to remind her about Sunday. She is pregnant and there a phrase in espanol saying "su domingo siette" meaning oh she got pregnant quick, and again you say it only to the people you are really good friends with and I didn't know that. So I ask the hermans so domingo 7? thinking its just another way to ask. Haha my comp looked at me with eyes like "i'm going to kill you beo!" I realized it was wrong so I corrected saying "oh Hermana domingo and mannana es la 7?".. haha worked out great.

   Well the work is doing alright. Elder Vazquez is chill. We have a baptism of Angel this next week hopefully. 
I love you guys I'm scared to look back on what I just wrote to read over my grammar and other mistakes. I love you guys! Everyone has to find their own personal conversion into this church. Even the ones born into it.

I love you all! Hey kids! you better be good Santa is watching...and the Missionaries have an in with the big man himself (Santa)

with Love Elder Roberts

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