Monday, December 15, 2014


Hey My lovely Family;

Well, another one bites the dust. My my third combio passed and everything is staying the same. Same area and same comp. I'm actually pretty excited because this week we have been working really hard on finding new investigators. The reason is because 11 De Enero. Our president wants to have a buatimission and that means our whole mission baptizes on the same day. So I was a little stressed out this week. But yeah everything worked out and we had all our investigators go to church yesterday. So mission accomplished! If everything goes smoothly we will be able to baptize (knock on wood)

So to accomplish our goal of finding newbs, Elder Vazques and I decided to do a lot of service. For example I helped mix cement and seal a well, painted gates for an old lady, swept up hair at this salon, shoveled dirt into a dump truck etc. Haha some people would really light up after we helped them and ask who we are and why we are helping and then others not so much.

Our main focus right now is this guy name Moises. He will probably be our baptism for 11 De Enero - but he has a big marriage problem. Right now he's living with his girlfriend and their baby. She's a member but he is not and they just live together. He was married to a girl in Poza Rica and they were separated but were not divorced. So to get him baptized we need to divorce him first and then get him married and then baptized. Yeah we are going to need a miracle. Pray for me!!

Well I kinda had the same experience that mom had at Walmart y todo. It happened yesterday. We were at the stake house waiting for Angels baptism to start.


I was with Angel y his little brother playing the piano. When Elder Vazques came and asked me if I had 10 pesos to give to a lady that needs it to buy milk for her baby. I said yeah let me go check. I went in the other room where my back pack was. Well I looked in my wallet and all I had was 200 pesos (como 20 dollars) I thought for a minute wondering if it was something right. And I felt like it was the right thing to do. So I rolled up the 200 and gave it to the lady waiting outside the gate with her little baby. When I did she started to cry gave me a huge hug and wouldn't let go. I got really embarrassed and kinda spaced out because I suddenly hated all the attention. The lady was still crying and started telling me that I was invited to her house and that it was my house now and God bless me and everything. Well after that experience, one of the elders here was giving me a lot of grief about giving her the money. He was saying that he doesn't have food in his house and yet I gave the lady so much money and how the lady could use this to go by drugs and do what ever. So I felt a little bad about the situation, and should've been more responsible and will be in the future, but after reading your letter mom, I feel pretty great about helping out and I have faith that this scrawny little girl used my money to buy herself a good meal or something.

(decorating a members tree)

Well I love you guys cant wait to talk to you! The members treat us well and always invite us to eat and kinda watch out for us. Sometimes I do get trunky while i'm taking a shower, but I just need to work harder. I love you guys sooo very much

Sorry about my bad grammar and writing. I'm jumping back and forth from Spanish and English in my head!!

I love you Laur Kal Quiny Waders River Canny Ro Mom and Dad

Love, Elder Roberts

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