Monday, July 13, 2015


Well Guys I hope the gringo day was awesome for y'all! I hope you guys ate a bunch of pie and hamburguesa and ice cold lemonade! Basically the one thing I missed of course was da fam but also the fireworks!

Right now I'll give a big ol shout out to Donald Trump... I always got your back bud! No really, we American missionaries have been getting a lot of comments and nice feedback from everyone here in Mexico from what ol Donny said. I actually really don't know but I guess he called Mexicans Coca cola crazy... or something offensive (which basically they are a little coka crazy!)

On Saturday the 4th, (Saturdays are always dangerous days because that's when the JW's are out) Well the day before we were given a reference that a member lived in a house close by us. So in the morning we went to check it out. We yelled from the street "buenos dias" crossing our fingers that someone would answer. And a guy with his baby popped his head out and said "diga me" or tell me. So we started to throw our sale pitch and smiled and he bought it. He told us to come in, opened the gate and we got into his house. I was so happy because I was thinking he was chosen! We we sat down, my comp and I. When we sat down I caught my eye with my comp and he gestured to me to look behind me where the TV was. I took a glance and saw it was full of magazines and books of JW material! Ahhh shoot! what did we just get ourselves in to?! We were started talking, I was excited because it didn't seem so bad! I started to relax. Just then the door bell rang and our Reference said "Oh my dad's home!" He opened the door and a guy with an umbrella hat and colorful shirt stepped in the room. (all the signs for a JW) Well we just stepped out of the pot and into the fire! Thank goodness that these guys didn't want to bible bash! They were actually really awesome and they fed us breakfast. And basically asked us about our church. They didn't accept anything, which is really sad because they would have been amazing members. After, the kid asked me about why people in the United States are soo racist. Well that's when he showed me the Donald Trump video! Well that was basically my 4th of July in Mexico. I took that star tie that Mom sent and and put some american flag stamps and put it on! haha

We also had a really cool experience on Wednesday! It was also in the morning. Elder Trejo and I were basically trying to figure out what can we do! (in the morning we never have anything to do) Well we passed this clinic, basically a hotel. But it's like the one that Spanish Fork had when I was little. Its called Cruz Angeles. Well we passed by on the corner and I saw a lady crying with her husband rubbing her back saying everything will be fine. I felt a big prompting to talk to her. I passed by saying ah no we need to go with Arturo. But I felt the prompting again. So I turned back to talk to this lady. When I got to her she had her hands in her face and looked up at me with red, swollen eyes. I told her who we are and that if there's anything that we can help with. She denied saying they are fine. Well I decided to be a little more persistent saying that we believe that the power that Jesus used to heal the sick has been restored. She kinda perked up a little bit. I asked again if there was something that we can help with. She looked at her husband and then she said, "follow me."  We entered through the building and got to the last hall where her mother was. Thinking that it was just her and her husband, we entered into the room packed, full of people. I suddenly got really nervous. She introduced us to her whole family as brothers of Jesus Christ. Well we gave a brief intro to who we are. And what we do. We were able to give a blessing to the grandma. My comp did the sealing and I did the blessing. The grandma was sleeping and all of a sudden before I put my hands on her head the Grandma woke up which kinda scared me. Haha her daughter explained what we were doing. The grandma went back to sleep. We left the family with my favorite song, I need thee every hour! I left the building so happy and full of joy. Later that night, I was thinking how much happier would those people be if they knew!!! We are soo blessed to have dad in our home who has the priesthood.

Well guys this week I'm going to make it to mount everest! I'm going to be on top of the world! I'm going for my Mission mark!

Like fantastic Mr. Fox said Who am I??? why not a bear, a horse! I'm just different and I'm going to be able to give my speech!

I love you! Every single one!!


*Brett sent these pictures of his investigator Arturo (he's blind) but didn't mention his baptism in his letter. So cool!

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