Monday, July 27, 2015


Hey Wade Quiny Cal River Laur Canny RORO Mom and Dad!!

Well mom, you got that right! From now on i'm having 4 fans in my face to sleep.

I cant iron my clothes without sweating to death, when you ask for water they give you coke!
But ya baby i'm back in Poza Rica!!! 

My area is Totolapa. My comp is from Argentina, spitting image of Ferris Bueller i'm not even lying. We are going to have some good times! I'm really just so happy to be back! We came in to a white wash area! Meaning that the president took out the 2 elders in the area and put in two newbies. The good things is like 3 months ago Elder Gutierrez was in the area!

We came babtizing! My area is golden, I don't know what I did but President put me in a chosen area! I am the zone leader now. The members are awesome, the bishop reminds me of an doctor from india. But i'm going to be having some good times here in Totolapa! 

My comp loves this tea called mate! It actually really good its like this herbal tea that the leaves are like alfalfa and you put honey in it and sugar! We have spent last night just talking and drink the tea! It was pretty fun! I feel like that was one of the first times in my mission when Ive a homie that I was freely talking in spanish! Wahoo

We are the smallest zone in whole mission but this month we have plans to be baptizing the most! So life is great! Next week I'm headed to Xalapa for a conference with prez and the other Zone leaders!

This coming week I'll have more things to tell you! 

Cristo te ama!

Roberto Roberts

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