Monday, June 29, 2015


Well hey family i'm doing great! This letter is going to be a little short, sorry!

This week has been a rough one! I don't know por que but we haven't been able to find anybody that will progress! We have been trying to do what president has asked us to do which is to work with the members. But it is so slow and when we put citas con ellos, they never show up or they always cancel on us! But hopefully this week will be a great one for us one to be remembered!

We had a conference with the President this week and he really focused on the Book of Mormon. And the power it has for our conversion and our investigators. I was able to share the story about Margarita and how she didn't accept us and how her heart was opened because of the Book of Mormon.

We also got a new couple missionary. The whole time that they were baring their testimony, I couldn't help but think of grandma and grandpa (Wade you should go and work for grandpa!) 

Yesterday after church we were able to go to the house of Cesar. It was his daughter's birthday so we came and his whole family was there. Well all the kids were running around crazy and so after the dinner, I started to do relay races! It was actually really fun! All the little kids were throwing in there own ideas and doing what ever I wanted. The family was on the side watching us. The kids kept asking like this Missionero (tucking the balloon under their chins or putting it under their shirts!)

After the games, the family was really interested in our church. Cesar asked if we could give a blessing to his sick sister and then to his mom for comfort. It was an awesome experience to use my priesthood and testify that if Cesar stays worthy he also can also have this Power of God! 

Well I love you guys! It sounds like your summer is doing great! I got the package which was so awesome! Be looking for some letters heading your way!

I love every single one of you!! 

I still remember the time we had as a family sitting above the water fall in the mountains just chillin like nothing mattered in the world! 

Well I better be getting back doing the good fight!

Elder Brett

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