Monday, August 31, 2015


Hey Homies!!

Well this week Just flew by, i'm not even joking!

With my Zone we committed a goal of 20 baptisms for this month. So we were working our heads off trying to complete the goal. Long story short, we didn't make it.
But we were the smallest Zone in the whole mission and we got 2nd! so Wahoo! 

Tuesday was P day we didn't do much.

Wednesday was my district class (ha ha I don't have to teach the classes now!) Umm its was pretty good I was able to bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon! and I testified that every time I pray and ask Heavenly Father, my answer comes stronger!! But since it was just classes, basically the day went to waste! Just a bunch of meetings.

Thursday: I did divisions with Kawastin, the missionaries up there. It was fun and Elder Reyes is a homie, a big black mexican guy! You would think he's cute Laur. It rained a bunch. I always like to get soaking wet, it makes me feel like i'm working hard. 

Friday: The miracles started to roll in! We are teaching a family, they rejected us because they only want financial help money from the church. But the daughter is awesome and right now she's reading in 1st Nephi 15 and she's loving the church. She basically bore her testimony telling her family why she wants to get baptized! GOLD!! Shakaboom! 

Our 2 baptisms for this week were dropped. Alejandro...the husband of a family that just got baptized Todavía doesn't want to get baptized because doesn't feel prepared. And Perla, her husband didn't come home from work when they were supposed to get married because right now he's living in Tabasco and he works in the trucks and sometimes he just doesn't come home. It's sad.  

Saturday: Well Claudia gave us a bunch of referrals of friends of her to contact. We did and the family rejected us. So we contacted her neighbor and it turns out that they are members and her daughter hadn't been baptized! (Thank you Heaven)

Sunday: Was pretty crazy, in the morning Elder Gutierrez and I we always do divisions with the youth in the ward to help us pass for the investigators! I went with a joven named Alberto (George) He's my homie. Well we brought 3 Young ladies to church. And I felt so awkward because they were giggling and giving me eyes the whole time! Ahh it was bad! I've heard that this black badge gives me extra good looks. I needed them.

In the afternoon we got the changes. Well I'm still staying Poza Rica but we are grouping up the zone. So instead of having 10 missionaries in the zone now they will be 22! This should be fun! I'll keep seeing Elder G, but just not everyday!

Well I love you all! I hope school is going great. Do something out of the ordinary this week like Ferris Bueller would do. And then next week tell me about it!

Stay Spiritual

Bretty Boy

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