Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey Un Chiste:

Q:¿Que es peor que ver un gusano en su Manzana?

It sounds like the family had a fun time In "Summer Nights Week"

Mom and dad You guys saved me this week! Thanks for sending me the money! 

Okay pues this week was a pretty awesome week! It's an awesome feeling to put Goals and then accomplish them! It's an awful feeling getting sick and not have a mom to love you and give you a hug.

Saying goodbye to elder Perez (our marriage cake)

Sunday dinner tacos!

Eating with the bishops family in his trailer.

Teasing my favorite kid Juan. 

Umm on Tuesday we had a District class! This is where my comp is in one class and I'm in the other. After the separate classes we got everyone together and got them excited for this coming Month of August! We told them our goal for the zone is 22! We also but a goal for a bautizona!! Which is where the whole zone baptizes on a Sunday which is really cool! Which normal minds that aren't missionary minds would think that's a really easy thing to do, but actually it's not. Well things were starting to look good for me and my comp. We felt really cool and felt like God loves us and he said that's fine, you guys can have a bautizona because we had lots of people to contact! But on tuesday this hermana gave us Pizza which I was soo happy to eat got me really, really sick! 

But i'm good now! 

Right now we had a chance to baptize a girl named Sol. Her family is awesome and she was the only one that wasn't baptized! We talked to her and taught her and she was golden and we got her excited and to the water she went! 
Baptism of Solita, 

Totolapa is pretty cool, I'm not in the same house! Or even in the same area! Our area is super poor which I love. It beats the busy streets of Xalapa! 

I'm sorry that the letter is not that great! I've been writing letters but I don't know if they are getting to you guys! Let me know when you get them! I love every single one of you guys!

With Love Brett!

A: ¡ A ver un Medio gusano en su Manzana!

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