Monday, August 10, 2015


Only In Mexico....

This week has flown by! I love my new area, we have so much work! Sometimes at night I come crashing to bed, half asleep I'm taking off my tie and shoes. Then in the morning I get up and start it all again. 

I love my Life (in the voice of Nacho Libre)

Well I had a really cool letter planned out with pictures and everything but this computer is not letting me send pics. 

This week on Monday and Tuesday we went to Xalapa! It was pretty cool, I was able to see a bunch of my pals around the mish and Hna Greer made us waffles which was so awesome! Consejo we did some fun activities to help us become better leaders. After, we finished early so I was able to see some people in Xalapa which was a highlight for my time here. We are also going to have the chance to hear from an Apostle! Elder Christopherson is coming to talk to us Agosto 24. Boo yeah I'm so ready to get spiritually filled!!!

Wednesday we had Zone Class. Everyone was pumped because we are baptizing and working hard! We bought Ice cream and did some activities. 

Thursday... we've been working hard with this one family, they are called Perla and her husband is a truck driver. We need to get them married. She loves the church and also her husband went to church on Sunday. He reminds me of the guy that Rocky boxes in the last movie. He looks like him. Perla told us that she had a dream about us and how she would get married and how she dreams about getting baptized! She is a true convert, only in Mexico.

Friday: We found a whole family to teach so that's pretty big and cooool. The dad broke his wrist and so they had to put pins in his arm. Yeah hopefully we can baptize them soon! They are perfect.

I had an interview with a lady for her baptism and during the interview she told me that Joseph Smith is the dad of Jesus. Oh hermana you are almost right. Haha

We also got stopped by a drunk guy it's been the like 3rd time this week. And every time he asks us about the blue book. (Book of Mormon) Well we gave it to him and he was like a kid on Christmas. Doing hip thrusts and kissing the book and lifting it up in the air for everyone to see. 

Only En Mexico

I love you guys! I'm doing great! I pray for you guys every night mostly because I know that the nightmare that all of you have that is right around the corner! School! 

Congrats on the pups Quincy! The member that we live with, her dog also just barely had pups

I miss the traditional shopping with the crew! How spoiled are you guys staying at a fresh Hotel.

With love Bretteres

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