Monday, August 24, 2015


Hey Mommers!! (and family)

Wow these last couple of days have been pretty crazy! I feel like its been so long since I been able to sit down and write you guys! 

Yesterday I didn't get the chance to write you because we left for the bus at 2:30 in the morning (even here in the night at 2 in the morning I was still sweating while we walked) Poza to Xalapa is a 5 hour bus ride. We usually take ADO (busses that you take to go to Lagoon) but it would be pretty pricey, so the Mission rented 3 busses for Tuxpan, Poza, Papantla, Martinez and Tezitulan. It was pretty fun to have all the missionaries from Poza all on 1 bus! I tried to sleep but I basically got 1 hour! 

We arrived at the stake center in Xalapa... I saw all my buddies, all my old comps from the mission. 164 missionaries all together! We got there and they served us breakfast fruits and juice and granola bars. We practiced for choir and then we got all set up to take a picture. At the church there is a little hill side where we all formed lines. And waited... and waited a little more... We were all doing the wave and singing hymns while we were all in the line and then President Greer had us all get quiet. He bore his testimony to us about how he loves us and got all choked up! Everyone started to clap and say love you back then thats when the caravans came up to the entrance and the whole crowd fell completely silent. Out stepped the camera lady and a few escorts the setenta and his wife and then Elder Christofferson, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Ahhh it was really so amazing! He had a glow. He and his wife spoke perfect spanish. The whole conference was in great! I can really bare testimony to you guys that Jesus Christ is guiding his church through President Monson and His Apostles and Missionary work is the priority of the church right now. So it feels like I'm on the front lines, here in Mexico, just call me Private Elder Ryan (Roberts)

(Brett fifth row down, left side)

Quick story, every Thursday we have noche de hogars in the church. So I planned a relay race which was pretty cool. I got a bunch of shoe boxes and cut the old pants of an elder that he left and taped them to the box and cut a hole in the top of the box and I used this game as the Minute to win it game. I put 3 rocks in the box so the tie it around their waste and they have to shake the rocks out. It was a hit everyone loved it!

I'm doing great. I love my area. I need to work a little bit harder because ya we've baptized basically all our contacts, so we have to go out and work a little harder to find the chosen.

I love you all so much

Don't be too cool for School!

Stay Spiritual-


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