Monday, October 26, 2015


Steak and ice cream cooked by a sweet hermana. Walking and a bird pooped on me.

Welcome to the Jungle Reports.

Well this week was good and bad. Good was the interviews with president. Bad was that we aren't finding people that are progressing. 

I love my comp he's awesome. Elder Rojas he's a cool dude from Chihuahua. He's super obedient and wants to work. So thats what i'm talking aboouuuut!!!! 

This week we found a lady Cecillia cool lady. We got her reference from an old investigator. So we went to go contact her. When she opened the door we asked her if this person lives here. She said thats me. Well it was awesome she was super willing to let us because just barely left her daughter to school and she was super depressed. Well God works in Mysterious ways. So we left her house feeling really pumped. But it turns out she made her own decision not wanting anything. Ahhhhhh!

We also found a guy named Pablo Pedro. Kinda crazy guy. He want to get baptized in a river. and thinks with his faith if he gets baptized in the rivers that are polluted disgusting that nothing will happen to him. He told my comp that he was a man with little faith haha which was really funny and when I gave a scripture to Pablo to read he read it like how I did in the house of Grandma. But with a Jewddist Priest voice. I couldn't hide the laugh.

Well Miguel is a good guy he just doesn't understand why their needs to be one church. Which means he fully hasn't felt like the church is true. He's still reading the BoM which is awesome. But he also drinks. He want able to go to church because he was super hung over.

Arturo is really the only progressing investigator that we have. But he likes to drink wine. He wasn't able to go on Sunday. But we had steak conference so we decided to bring him to the priesthood session. Which was really boring and over the head of Arturo. Hopefully he doesn't start getting cold.

This week is a new start we have some pretty good plans for this coming week pray for me that I can find the people that are waiting for the gospel to change there lives forever.

I love you all 

Bretty Boy

Hey Mom

I love you from the moon and back!!

You really are the reason why i've stayed on the mission for so long! 

(compu froze)

I love you mom. I still dream of when Ill be able to hug you

Bretty boy

Happy Birthday Mom!

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