Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey guys! 

Hopefully everything is doing well... Hopefully y'all were able to see conference and see the 3 new apostles.. Hopefully you guys partied your hearts out with the birthday of Laur.... Hopefully it hasn't gotten cold there is Good ole Utah.

This week has been pretty hectic and stress full. (the reason why my hair line is so far back) On sunday some punks (my first comp Elder Hernandez) got in a fight with a guy and he threatened to hunt the missionaries down and kill them. So they got scared and called Pres. So basically Monday, tuesday and wednesday we were getting missionaries out of their house and cleaning it all up. Also on tuesday president wanted all the trainers and their comps (newbies) heading to Xalapa early tuesday morning. They left at 4:30 in Ado (a fresh bus) So all of Tuesday we weren't able to sleep because... The punk elders pres was also sending them out of their area. So basically all of Tuesday we were running on 3 hours of sleep. The mission life is amazing because God blesses us if we are obedient even when we wake up the next day energized for a new day. Its the best.

A little about the work here in Benito. Well this area has been one of my hardest area. Im not sure if its just because I haven't had a lot of time to focus in the area. But God has blessed us we have been able to see a lot of milagros. Well we have found our Homie Arturo he's life 26 and he finished his doctor degree he really loves the church. On monday we had a lesson with him about the word of wisdom He was a little bugged because he really likes his wine and beer. But he loves the church so he's willing to take little steps. Next we have Miguel he's a homie he's like 32 years old and he works in the mariachi (one of my goals to baptize) He's reading he just still doesn't feel sure about baptism

We have the pastor. One day my comp and I were talking in english because my comp knows english real well. and this guy stopped us and started talking in english perfectly. He reminds me of a guy from the 70s with his glasses and his looking like house. He is really interested in the church. I have a feeling he's going to teach his congregation from the book of mormon. So please please pray for the guys that they can get baptized.

We also have this family from iris that are really cool but the mom doesn't want to get married. Stupid husband. its alright i'm over it.

I love you guys soo much. thanks for the package. I love you guys more then the Lamanites hate the Mormons. My birthday wish is just write me a letter. Nothing big just a letter.

I love you all. Stay sweet

Bretty boy

Mexico at 5 in the morning.

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