Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey Family!!

Hope everything is chillin like a villain! Thats awesome that you guys had Fall break! I always remember when I finished fall break basically everything starts coming all at once Mom's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I always like to hear that everyone is doing their own little thing. Riv that movie sounds sweet, write it down and we will go see it together and I'll take you out on your "1st date"? haha and Laur thats sooo funny about Bronson I feel like he doesn't do very good in front of crowds. Remember the nail in the cup that went through his hand?? Wow Waders going into the big leagues with deers. I better be seeing a dead deer with you standing by it on my email next week!! Remember when we went hunting and you threw up all night because of bad Whoppers!

Well this week were able to do changes. Me personally i'm not a fan of changes. Its just a bunch of stress. Waking up supa early making sure everyone gets on time. Ya Ya It was a bitter sweet saying bye to E. Pedrero he was a good comp we didn't have anything in common just work. But I'm pumped to be with My good friend Elder Rojas!!

In this time of the month.. I love it because it starts to calm down the heat to about 80 degrees and its awesome. For the past week its been raining which I also love but the bad thing is during the rain its hard to get the people out of their holes. And I always think oh just wait until you go to utah! haah I think the coldest time Ive ever been in my life was when we went on the deer camp up in the bowl with dad. I never forget that haha! Also this time here in Mexico everyone celebrates Dia de los Muertos. Which means Pan!!!!!! and our bishop is a pan maker so I'm stoked because that means that we are going to eat pan de muertos! 

In Mexico they have a tradition putting a table in their living room and put portraits of the people that have died in their family and then on the mesa they put things on the table like coca, tortillas, beans, fav shirt. because they think that God lets the dead from heaven come down and live hear on earth. Its a little weird and everyone says that they're Catholics, but I like this time.

Also this week I had a chance to go and do divisions with a newbie. Elder Austin fresh out of the MTC. Ahh I had soo much of Deja vu. It was awesome to look back and see how far i've came. I really should be thanking God a lot more for loving me enough to help progress and become who I am! This time last year I was crying tears of joy and worry about my new brother who was about to be born. I was in the middle of Mexico with a little bit of spanish that I new. With my thoughts 7 hours aways thinking about you guys. Well Happy birthday Little Ro Ro! You are so amazing and cant wait to get a hold of your little baby rolls!! Hopefully by the time I get home you be able to crawl!! haha I love you guys.

The work is pretty cool here in Benito! One of my fav Scriptures is in Jaun 16:33 and thats what I love of being a missionary. Helping bring happiness with things that with last forever not just for a little while.

Love you all 

stay sweet! Remember who you are!

Personal challenges:

This is your challenge if you choose to accept it.

Quiny: You need to sneak drunker in to your school.

Wade: you have to scare some random person in the shop. (have someone film it)

River:  try to speak spanish with a Mexican 

Laur: Go to school dressed up as Dora de Explora

Kallers: make 3 person's day brighter!

Canny: blow kisses to every grandma you see

Mom: share your fav Scip on twitter

Dad: shoot a dear!

Love ya all!! Send me some challenges!


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