Monday, October 12, 2015


Well ya my birthday is done, I'm a twenty year old!

I love you guys soo much! I feel like at home you guys celebrated more then I did here!! For the birthday we didnt do much, it was a Sunday and that's when it's pretty busy for us! A member invited us in the night to eat hamburgers with them because she said that she wanted to do something that would remind me of home!

ahhhhhh I'm writing on this really old computer in this old broken down cafe and it deleted everything ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and my comp has changes so he wants to go and say good bye to everyone. 

But this week we've been able to do a bunch of service which was pretty cool. Service with a smile! We were able to cut down a jungle in the back of a neighbors yard!

Then a few hours later, it was pretty cool and we found a golden family. We helped them shovel in a gravel pile. The mom said that she didn't want to get in trouble with the police because they had gravel on the road. So she told us that at that moment she was praying that a drunk guy would come by and she could pay him to help her out. Well God sent us! (2 drunk guys ha ha) She was so grateful and humble.

I testify that service really opens heart of the people!

I love you guys soo much!

I'll write more next time!

Love Elder Roberts

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