Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey Familia!! 
I would like to say im mexican but reality says im not!! its Hard because during lessons basically all I got is testifying what my companion says is truth and thanks for the agua and food. 
Im eating well everyday about 2 we eat with a member! Its been diffrent everytime some times I get mol'e, sometimes chicken, it just depends. The one thing that I love though is that they feed us tortillas everymeal its like a must have. They are so good like the ones at disneyland that we would always suffer through the movie just to grab the tortillas at the end.
     Honestly all the people here is Pedros on there bike with their mexican flag waving in the air. Or Doras headed off to school! Its great! ( I do have Doras "map" to salvation) The people that we are teaching right now all live in such humble circumstances! But the little kids never complain.
      I dont know what it is was Mexicans like to keep things alive for instance: Hannah Montanna Shirts I see them everywhere im like do you even know what shes doing now?? haha there soo niave
Next is they Whant Obama for a Third term... Like ive seen vote obama bummber stickers and Vote barrack shirts! HAHah it made me chuckle. We all so got The facebook addicts. Its crazy people hardly have anything their clothes are falling off their backs but they Have the Iphone 5s. The phone addictions are ridicoulous. During lessons my comp has to ask to put them away and focus.
       We had a babtism for a kid in the ward. So we had to clean the pila. There was Spiders huge biggest ones ive ever seen. 

We had to drain it but it wasnt working for some reason. So we came up with using buckets and rope and emptying the water out the window. It was crazy and fun all at the same time! I was in the tub scrubbing it. When I told the comp to start filling it up again and when the water started. A spider shot out of the spout ( a spider that I qualify to be in the traintula catagory) Massive. I screamed and freaked out and smashed it against the glass. It left a huge stain against the glass in the pila. So I guess I did my job and left my mark on the ward.
       Everything going well! We get Chased by dogs about everyday. And when I need something to laugh about I talk to drunk people and commit them to going to church and get babtized! All the people try to speak english to me and all want my Eyes. One old lady said Everytime I see her " im going to scoop your eyes out with a spoon" or thats what my comp says!
       When youve lived with someone for 2 weeks you start to see their true colors. Haha the comps really into himself and always checks his reflection all the time. But hes chill. Always wants to Babtise pinas( 12 year old girls) easy but always fall away after.
       From the looks of it we are going to have a "babt Mes" A babtism every sunday for september!!" Im still looking for that reason why I was called to the Xalapa, Mexico mission, But Im working hard and not letting up!

Im getting into the lessons where I can understand people and give my input. I love testify that this gospel blesses family and I have a pic of our family and I pull it out and say I left you guys for 2 years for this gospel. It gets me teared up everytime!

Lauren: Hows Soccer? Hopefully by the end of the mish i'll be able to take you to school!! 
            Hows the Romance Life? I see a bunch of Israel's trucks everywhere hmmm I wonder how he got it?

Wade: Tell me the secret of how your sooo cool? You have so much going for you right now man a lot more then I ever did take advantage of it! Do you have some fresh clothes for school? You better be keeping up on the Brett name brand of clothing. Are you pumped for Ice Fishing?? Im sorry we never went but when I get back were headed to Alaska, right??

River: Hows Your teacher? Is 5th grade Everything you Imagined? Are you and Cloe still friends? when ever I tell the people I tell them I have a sister named Rio they love it thinks its so pretty!

Kallers: What do you do at Recess? Mom needs to show you that cartoon its one of my favs. Do the girls still chase you?

Quin: Does Jovi have babies yet? What's your most fav thing about kindergarten? Do you love it?

Canny: Am I still your best friend? I love you little buddy! Dont grow up okay. 

I love you family think about you everyday!! I feel your prayers and I pray for you all individually every single day!!
                           with love,

                                    Elder Roberts ( Bretty Sweaty)

Oh p.s. An all american package for the birf would be amazing

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