Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey Family!! 

    Its crazy its already another p-day! The weeks here go by sooo fast. Im getting the hang of things and i'm starting to  understand and thrown in a couple phrases of my own here and there. The heat just becoming part of the work i'm not minding it as much anymore. 

Green is becoming my fav color, everything is so green here. What was I thinking about tumble weeds and dried up mexicans? There is this place in our area called Mas Verdes (much green) It has a lot of hills and basically people put shacks or houses where ever there is room and just build up on top each other. It's soo crazy but reminds me of Indian Jones or something.
It has rained everyday this week! It's funny it rains really hard like to the point when it starts flooding the roads and then stops. So we get soaked every time I feel like of the movie Jurassic Park or in The Notebook with me and my comp!

I love it because I can't speak espanol very well. To make small talk all the mexican people in the ward or during lessons they try to speak english to me, I love it. One guy was asking what kind of music I like in a thick accent "Michael Jackson, Willey Nelson, Whitney Houston?" Bless their hearts.
I got my first baptism this sunday! I'll attach a picture. This girl was golden we found her at a members house one that we were eating at. I messed up on her name in the baptism. I had to redo it like 3 times. Their names are so long and they sound all the same. It was great. She smoked before but she dropped everything for the gospel. Ahh its such a great feeling changing lives one person at a time.

Sometimes when i'm feeling down or the day is not going great. I just mess with the drunk guys (vorachos). HAHA they are everywhere and they always say they'll go to church and a say they'll get baptized. Its great!

The people of mexico are just ready to hear the gospel. Umm we were walking home a little late from a cita. A kid dressed in prep clothes came to us asking in spanish "are you from the gospel?" We found out the kid wanted to hear more but the family wouldn't let us teach last week because their grandpa died. Now we are teaching them at 6 today. It's crazy how an experience like that can open up peoples eyes for the gospel. Sad but true.
Well family I sure do love you. They say if you eat a lot of mexican chile you'll become mexican. I did and I'm still American.  I love you guys soo very much and theres not a day that I don't think about you guys individually. 

Te Amo, Elder Bretty Roberts

Laur: I miss you so much and I love all your letters! Thats so great that you're playing varsity!  How's Council?? I hope your doing great I love you so very much I miss going to school with you and venting about our problems together.

Wade: Hows Fred Flinders?  You should go in a speedo for your ice bucket challenge!!  When I show the pic of the family all the Hermanitas are like oh muy guapo pointing to you. You did steal the good looks of the fam use them well and wisely. Love you and think about you all the time.

River: Do you remember when you were actually my first baptism? Haha yesterday brought back so many memories! I hope everything going great. I hope you putting on wet dog every morning to scare off the boys. Love you Rivey J

Kallers: Are your teeth growing back? I feel like you should become the snowboarder of the family. Ha ha you've got the looks, and the style! Hey watch out for Canyon and Quinny and the new baby. Love you big guy.

Quinny: Now that you're in kindergarten are you too big for Bo on the Go? HA promise me you'll be able to read me a book by Christmas time okay? I love you with all my heart

Canny Boy: Que pasa Master Ninja?... you keep giving mom compliments okay? Protect mom and the new baby! I love you buddy. 

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