Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey family!!!

I miss you guys sooo much! It's crazy that I've already been in Mexico for a month. And Cambios are coming up next week. It's funny how just in six weeks a person can get used to things. During Comida with the members of the ward for instance, sometimes I'll be eating chicken, fried chicken and then while I'm eating these little live chickens come walking into the house just looking at me in the middle of a bite. Yup it's on the norm now. Al otro I dont wave at the taxis anymore when they honk at me to see if need them to pick me up. Or I'm not annoyed by the Motorcycle tortilla guys that just lay on their horn as they're driving saying that they have tortillas. I'll attach a pic. On the back of the moto they have a picnic cooler full of tortillas. They just drive around everywhere and thumb on the horn! ( the horn sounds like the buzzer at the carnival that broke and won't stop.) Yeah, I'm over it. I'm used to people not responding back to me when I try to speak english. Even if I speak it really slow. Yeah I've even got used to the good book of mormon jokes, now they make me laugh. Or having the crazy outragous claims about" jose smith" being in the Free Masons. Yeah I'm used to it. It happens on the daily!

This week has been good and rough, a little bit of both. I was able to teach more in lessons. But we didn't have alot of people to teach. For some reason people are just not wanting to listen to us lately. So we been focusing on a few inactive Families. So not the best on new investigators this week and sorry but no Sunday baptism.
´Probablly the highlight for this week was earlier this month on like my first week and we were shopping for stuff to buy. I felt like I should contact this guy that was all dressed in white (which they wear if they are like going to nursing school.) I was thinking that this guys was a huge target for babtism already because he was dressed in white. Well I went up to him and broke the ice by saying. "You like white?" Ha ha! And then I offered my missionary spill. I stopped to take a breath and he said in clear english "do you speak english?" (just like off of The Best 2 Years) well I got his deets and he lived in my area. For the next couple of weeks we tried to contact him but he was never home. This week he was finally there! We were able to teach him. He wouldn't accept the fecha right away, but he did say he wanted to hear more! woot woot!
I'm proud to say I have a pretty strong immune system (thanks mom and dad) I still haven't gotten sick from the food here. I've been eating everything from flamming hot chiles to fried chicken feet!! One thing that I hated at first but now im craving 24/7 is Chicken Mole! It's just chicken and rice drizzled in a sauce with all these spices. At first it tasted like black licorice but now I can't get enough of it.
(if im getting fat you guys need to tell me)

Well I love all you guys so very much I'm kicking myself that I'm not there on Wade's bithday. But I'm trying to send blessings his way. I love you guys all so much. Seriously though, just the little things remind me of each and every one of you and then I can't focus the rest of the day!
I miss you and love you a ton!

with love Elder Brett Roberts
Bretty boy

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