Monday, September 15, 2014


Hey Familla de Roberts!!
Everything is as good as good here in Mexico. Tomorrow is Mexico's Revolution so all I see is drunk people in red, green and grey! All around, it's great. President said we have to stay in our houses tonight. Because there has been a video going around that a group of masked men are going to shoot up the town. So Pres just worries about us gringos. With Drunk Mexicans seeing a bunch of white guys on their soil the night of their revolution. Yeah it probably wouldn't end well. 

This week has probably been the hardest. My comp has been here in Petromex for about 6 months. Yeah he's dead. I have to keep pushing to work. He's just coastin right now hoping he will be able to get transferred (next week) but with him being intenidor it probably wont happen (shoot) haha to put it in better perspective. He's like Squidward everymorning saying ¨"another day, another dollar" (or babtism) and i'm here like Spongebob " i'm ready! i'm ready!" haha yeah hes really into himself and we had a really big fight. Where I was honest with him and saying we could do so much better. (companionships are like marriages) This week I feel like has potiential to be a lot better.
It's so hard to get out of bed to go step into the fridged cold shower, but to keep me going I have to give myself a "ferris buellar" pep talk every morning and then after that i'm ready to go! it's great.

I finally feel like my Spanish is coming along ( gift of tounges does wonders) haha. On Wednesday Brenda asked me to baptize her yesterday! I'm judging how great my Spanish is by how much I can understand of the  spanish Soap Operas. Everyone watches them and we have to politely ask to turn them off for the lectiones.
When people ask where i'm from. I've been starting to answer them back saying "casa blanco" (white house) hah some people take it seriously and others are like with president negro? To anwser to your question mom- no, people really don't recognize American news. 9/11 was never mentioned once and honestly I was at a cafe eating with a member when on the T.V. they showed the memorial in NYC. People aren't invested in American life but they all like our pop culture idk.

On our way to Mas Verdes we were stopped by the town drunk. Saying hey Jovenises que es on your plaque. "Jesus Cristo I want." He keep repeating that. He ask where we were going and said Mas Verdes. Long story short. We took him to him home in Mas Verder to set up a lesson with him the next day when he was sober and now hes progressing along nicely so everyone can change.

Next Friday the 27th. The ward is having a fiesta. Dancing, eating, games. It'll be fun the missionaries are in charge of a skit. I'm excited because this is a time for me to shine and show my outgoing Brett ways. I have to reenact Nephi´s story quickly. It makes me mad because my comp thinks i'm too green and won't take any of my ideas on contacting, where we should go, what we should teach, and skits. It's alright, I've dealt with worse.

Hey if you guys have any ideas for object lessons, skits, examples for lessons or things to entertain people... for future reference, that would be awesome.

Well it looks like my time is running down. But I do love all you guys and during lessons or even during walking up and down the streets just the littles things remind me of every single one of you.

Lauren: Hey Erna!! I miss tackling you and forcing you say I love you Brett. It's just not the same with the comp.
Hey for the games make someone (not on student council) lead out. I love you more then all the lice on the little Mexican child's head

Wade: I hated 8th grade... I hope you're faring well. I remember always at the football games Caleb Stevens and I and the crew would always play football over by that flag pole. And then I would always try to look cool and flirt with Paizlee Dansie. Have fun, don't miss a thing, it goes fast bruh. I love you more then all the stray dogs here in Mexico

Rivey J: has your hair turned blond yet? Do you still tell everyone that mom is pregnant?? Hahah how was steak saucfrence?? Hey I think about you everyday don't forget it. I love you more then all the Coke a Mexican drinks in a week.

Kallers: Hey Jackie Chan!! Have you got your black belt yet?? How is karate? guess what? I was in karate once. yeah once and then mom never took me back. hahaha I love you home skillet more then the hair on a mustache on a senorita.

Quiny: guess what i'm learning? "do you want to build a snowman in spanish. So when I get back we can do a duet! I love you more then the color green here in Mexico!!

Canny: Are you still into Ninjas? What do you like now buddy? Do you still watch netflix in your underwear or are you to old for that now? I love you more then how many times in a day I hear the word gringo.

Thanks for the prayers and best wishes!
I love all you guys so very much.

With love Elder Roberts ( your big brother and son)

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