Monday, September 29, 2014


Hey Family!!
Everythings swell i'm finally settling in and its becoming second nature to being a missionary. I hope you all are happy and heathy! It sounds like from the letters everything is going good and it's raining a lot and it's basically the same ol same ol. I hope your 5th week of school is treating you great as my 5th week here in the mish!  
      This week has been one of the fastest and one of the longest. Just because it has been jammed packed with everything. 1st last monday we headed to Xalapa. For the visas we went 6 hours there and 6 hours back it was nice to feel the fresh clima in Xalapa and drink American milk and have costco muffins fill my belly! Wednesday and Thursday was work days... Friday was a party! Oh in the morning we met with the Pres! Oh I love the guy... you can just feel the love from Pres. The conference was focusing about a way of teaching. He asked me to give a demonstration. It wasn't the best ever he said but it was from the heart! *getting points with Pres. For lunch we went and ate tacos oh it's food from the Cielos! The tacos here and the tortas are probably the best food i'll eat here oh and the sweet bread with some jam and milk i'm good for the rest of the mish.

    Friday night we had a little "mexicano noche" we did a little skit. The comp and the other companionship wanted to do this spoken word shindig! ahh it was awful so we sang and then after we sang we were able to talk about the songs. I was able to talk about "families are forever" I made it more relatable to the people there and told the story about when we were in the car singing the song "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" and when Wade messed up the words. Everyone laughed...I dont know if it was about the story or just at me. The fiesta was the bomb because all the little kids loved me and the parents thought I was great and I played the "Don't Eat Pete" game with them. I was in my element. That was the first time that i've actually felt like myself here on the mission.

Saturday was a work day! We also traveled to do interviews for baptism because my comp is DL. So with the taxis they try to cram as many people in as they can. When we got a taxi I sat in the back with this lady that was selling tamales. With my broken spanish I was able to talk to her and have a conversation. By the end of the ride I had 2 tamales in my hands and had referrals from her. We are going to start teaching her next week!
Also while waiting for the comp I played a soccer game with some of the neighboor hood kids oh they are soo good!!

Today was Cambios! I'm getting a new comp! It was getting bad with me and him He was bagging on the ward and how much he hates Petromex. My new comps name is Elder Ortis. Usually for greenies like me you stay with your trainer for 2 cambios but I guess I'm just different!

All in all everything is good in the hood. I miss you all sooo much its crazy how just the littlest things can remind me of each and every one of you. 

Hey my little bros and sisters, thanks for the letters...I really do have the best family ever! It makes me tear up just thinking about how much you all have changed. Like Wade you in those pics look like a man off the Hollister posters. Laur you and Max are a diamond couple (but that dress though) Kal you would love it here in Mexico the houses are so close together you can be climbing and doing all your crazy shenanigans all day! River I love your letters you should become a writer and feel your personallity in every letter. Quinny...Thanks for all the love and have so much fun in Preschool. Canny keep mom safe from al the ninjas!

Wade: I hope your birthday was great!! Junior high goes by quick

River: Keep being yourself I love you so much

Kal: I cant wait to see you on America ninja warrior

Quiny: Hey girl show no mercy with those boys

Canny: you should see the alligator mexis

Its so hard to hit the x button on the computer, but I guess I will.

Love, your big bro

I love you all so much and will be trying to focus on general conference and not be thinking of what kind of treats mom would be breaking out in-between speakers.

Te amo with love

Elder Roberts

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