Monday, June 8, 2015


Well hey family, this letter is going to be a great letter because I've had the most incredible week!

Elder Atwood! Elder Nordhoff (my main man) Elder Mexican I don't remember his name!
Elder Lopezsito yo y Elder Martinez 

The baptism of Cesar

(playing some baseball)

We've been having Elder Quintana living with us. Finally he's going to have his new comp. He's a good guy and all It's just really hard to work in trio! The changes came and I'm getting a new comp Elder Trejo! He's a cool guy! We are going to be working hard this next change!

Quick story, Um this week it's been raining like crazy! But I love it because it's better then the blazing hot! (well Xalapa really doesn't ever get hot) 

*letter ends :(

I'm doing great! I love the work but I have to go. I love you guys soo much! 

Rivy You're a great person - I love you so it's not important what others think!

Laur! I love you

Wade, stop looking so good

Kal! Keep being good at everything

Quin! Happy birthday Princess, say hi to your Rat for me I mean hamster 

Canny! Come estas ninja bro?

Ro I love you dude!

Nalinco - a nice place to buy shoes

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