Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey Family!

I'm sitting here at the computer that's more like a dinosaur and I'm taking a sip of a coke! Listening outside to the motors and horns constantly because the taxis are impatient. I love the Mexican life!!!

Well this week was good and bad. First of all my homie, Arturo the blind man was suppose to get baptize this week (for fathers day) but everything went crashing down. We did his interview on Friday and well long story short he's living with someone. barrrg?! Some creepy lady is taking advantage of the free house and lives with him. But he thinks that they are together and all this jazz. So ya we are going to see what will be of our homie Arturo! 
(I finally got some mickey D's!)  

(Today we had a nerf war como Zona! So ya we went all out!)

Well also this week I've been a little stressed about being a great missionaro and how I can be better. Well yesterday we have an investigator se llama Izidra. Well this lady has her husband that is miembro but they are living together (things are messed up in Mexico) Well they have been having problems. They didn't show up to church on Sunday so I was wondering what's up. Their son is one of my converts (Michael) So yesterday night we went to go see them. Well it turns out that Izidra and her husband got in a huge fight. Well when I tried talking to Izidra about what happened, she had a hard time telling me because of the two kids int he room. So I decided to go and have a interview with her in the other room. Went into the other room where there was just a curtain to separate it from the other rooms. But it helped with the noise. We started with a prayer. Then she just pourer her heart out about her whole life. Long story short, her life is really hard and she has made a few bad decisions but found this religion and learned how to repent. Her husband doesn't want to forgive her and so she doesn't want to get married. I bore my testimony telling her that I've been born into a family with parents that have been married and they are fine and they sometimes have their problems. But I feel like i'm here to help those families that aren't perfect like mine and help those to see how to become perfect. Ya dig me?

Well my comp Elder Trejo is a cool guy! He's from D.F. a funny guy! He walks pretty slow and is always behind me. And what he likes to do is grab these little berries things and throw them at my head over and over. Well one time he started to do that and in the rain and everything when i was trying to figure out where to go. We got on the side of the road and he was on the side of me. I was a little annoyed at all our plans starting to fall through and Elder Trejo wasn't helping. In mexico on the side of the streets in the rain they fill up to make little lakes. So you sometimes have to watch out. Well my comp wasn't really paying attention and just trying to get on my nerves. He kept hitting me these berries. Right on time, a taxi came zooming by and splashed elder Trejo like a Shamu kinda of splash, he was soaked! it was so funny!!

Well this week was great, hopefully the next one will be a little better! I love you guys soo much!


Hey fam, eat something gross this week! Hopefully your summer is going great! I've made a list of things that I want to do this summer also. Take a pic of yours and send them to me! Love Elder Roberts.

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