Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey guys! 

Here in Mexico, spanish Bugs Bunny is everywhere! he says; "que es del nuevo viejo"

So what's new? I was walking on the street the other day and I was thinking about you guys! I remember about mom when she took pics on the couch at grandmas with the supa cape on and her mask! haha it made me laugh!

Well this week has been a good one! First things first, we have had investigator named Arturo! He is blind and he makes me laugh every time we go see him! He's going to be baptized this next week! I was joking with him that to be born like new you have to be baptized like how you came in the world! He thought for a little bit and then it clicked in his head! He said that he'll be embarrassed because everyone is going to see his "cachetas blancas" white bum! It made me laugh!  

Elder Trejo is a good guy. He likes to work and that's what i'm happy about! Well for the past couple of weeks there has been a mechanic guy, he always says hi to me! Well on Thursday it started to rain in the afternoon and all our citas fell through so we decided to contact the dude. He turned out to a really good guy that went to the US to work (what a surprise) ha ha he was a truck driver who worked in Chicago and took routes through all of the states! But he said he loved Utah! He loved our Castles (Temples) he called them! ha ha well we put another date with him! It turns out that his whole family accepted the gospel but they didn't go to church little punks! 

We also found a lady this week that told us that she believes in the fourinity! God the father, Jesus Christ, the Holy spirit and The Virgin Quadalupe. It was funny! 

I love my mission! I love Mexico! It's basically my home now. I'm doing great! Thanks for Everything, I love everyone of you! So much! I remember about this time last year we were chillin! Time goes too fast! I love you guys. Do things worth putting in your journal!

Love Brett

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