Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey Guys!! 

"In the summa come on comeon" this song is going through my head thinking about all you that survived another year of school! yahoo now you're going to start getting you knees dirty with pulling weeds!

Well this week has been a little "raro"! President called me last monday saying "hey elder! I'm going to take one of your elders from your district, so for the next 2 weeks you guys are going to be in a trio!" The 3 amigos! So for the past week we have been using the youth of the ward to go on splits. Right now i'm in charge of two areas! Wahoo! Elder Quintana is a giant, huge guy! He's 25 and decided late to go on a mission, and he's in our trio. So he and I have been taking turns to sleep on the floor! ugh it's so hot and I'm not a Wade!

The thing about the area of Quintana is that it's dead! It's probably the richest part of todo la mission! So last week was full of a lot of doors slammed and rejection! haha. The perfect situation in this area is referrals from members, but the members don't even want to work - so it's a little frustrating! Elder Quintana is funny because he likes to flirt with the girls (another reason he went on the mission) Every Piña that we see he wants to contact them.

Meanwhile I'm in the area of Quintana! My Hijo is giving demands in the area of ours. On Wed night after passing the dats and everything I was feeling a little down and then I got your card mom (with the owls!) I don't know how you do it, but you are always there when I need a little bit of a pick me up! Thanks mom!! 

Well I got an update of how my old area is going from Elder Lopez. He was telling me that one of our investigators is going to start working those saturdays and sundays. Which almost tore my heart out. So on Friday I decided that I'm going to stay in my area and just work a little harder. We did a little work and found our investigator's mom (Margarita) the mom of Fernando was home! Well we had a really cool lesson with her and after we ended with a pray and everything I said, "Hey hermana can we come back tomorrow? she said sure!" Her son asked her "you're not going to work tomorrow?" She said she was willing to put her faith in God and not work on Saturday and Sundays! It was an awesome feeling!

Well friday night I was a little sad because one of our baptisms that we had planned fell through (Cesar) So I was a little down and sorry but I was in the bathroom thinking about what we could do! All of a sudden a thought came into my head as clear as day "Baptize Margarita!" I was like no, she doesn't want to! She already told us no. We are going to let her progress on her own time! It came again! So I decided right there that's what we were going to do!

So Saturday morning I studied pretty diligently to get a spiritual lesson to go back for her. (Back Story: when I came to Xalapa my first lesson here was with her son Fernando! I remember that she didn't want anything to do with the lessons. When I invited her to come listen, she was like fine but I'm Catholic, I will always be Catholic till I die and you can never change me! Well also one time she tried giving back the Book of Mormon and said she didn't want it in her house! She told us Ya no! So in the end after we baptized her son Fernando we decided that it was best to let her just progress on her own.

Well last Saturday changed everything! We had an amazing lesson where the spirit was so thick you could taste it! She had a change of heart and said she wanted to get baptized, but not until Diciembre! But through the spirit we changed her mind and she agreed to be baptized for the next day! She accepted everything with eyes filled with tears of joy! It was a great baptism, one that I'll never forget!

Yesterday I was talking with one of the counselors of the Bishop who is really cool and he was telling me about his mission! He said something that his mission president said to him, that his mission is "one year and 5 minutos" it's true! I also think that can be applied with life! One year can feel like 5 minutes looking back. So set some things that you want to do this summer, because it's going to go by fast!

I love you guys! This time last year we were in Disney land saying hi to the ole mouse!
I miss you all.

Love Elder Roberts

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